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2018 Fan Pub Fun League


Morning James - not really a question of people, more that my time is getting limited. I commish 2 leagues and play in 6 others. Plus write articles for the Chiefs UK website, and run their in-season predictions game. And I have a job - and a wife who I see occasionally in between all the other stuff!!! Just don’t have the time to run another league - no problem at all if you or someone else wants to contact people on my waiting list to get another league off the ground.

Cheers, Jon


@Alan_Feelers and @BIG_C both paid in today - thanks guys! 8 down, 6 to go :moneybag:


Hi Jon, count me in again, money sent :sunglasses:


Received - thanks!


@lmjc @otleyroad @Outsiders68 @Flacco2012 (and Otley’s mate Andy!)

Quick reminder that I need your £30 by the end of June please. After that I will be opening the league to the people waiting patiently on the waiting list!

cheers, Jon


Jon - I paid ages ago! Around the 30/5 (when I messaged above)!

Looking forward to the new season!


My mistake - was just checking PayPal but you had paid by bank transfer. Have set you to bold. Thanks Lee


Hi Jon, just spoke to my mate Andy and we are going to both decline entry this year so frees up 2 spots.
Feedback is it’s his only paid league and is not keen on the QB flex, it’s only league we are in together so I said I will look out for more of a standard league. Thanks mate


No worries - thanks for letting me know, and will see you in Northampton I presume!



Evening folks - we now have all 14 managers paid in for this league :smile: Twelve return for another year, while we welcome @Shani and @jrt55555 , who several of us will know from other leagues, though they are new to this wonderful world of FUN!

So now we are in a position to sort a draft date out… I have listed 5 likely evenings below. Could you please reply to say if there are any days you can’t make? Hopefully there is at least one day that we can all do. (If not I will have to see about some mid-week options)
Please reply by this time next week, 17 July.


  • Friday 17 Aug
  • Sunday 19 Aug
  • Sunday 26 Aug
  • Monday 27 Aug (Bank Holiday)
  • Sunday 2 Sept

cheers, Jon


I can’t make the Friday. Well, I could if it was after 22:00 but that’s perhaps a bit late for some.


The time is important after 9.30 The possibilities increase


I cant make the 26th or 27th, but the Sunday dates are fine


Could only do 2nd September from the dates above


Fair enough Shani - for now can you work on the assumption we will start earlier - 7 30 or 8.00? If there is no date that works then we can see if people will go with a later start. I can do that if needed


You away on holiday Shane? Or is it just that weekends are no good?


happy will any day but prefer 19.30 start if sunday as up before 5 on most monday mornings


I think all those dates should be fine but prefer a start time between 7:30-9


I can do any date except for 26 or 27 August


I’ve no idea what I can do as I don’t have my rota, but anytime after 8 should be okay