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Your Actual Cheltenham Fancies - Day 4 (2018)

The final day is always the hardest is it not?

Any way can the GG men here tell me what they think of Apple’s Shakira going in the first race (Triumph Hurdle) - I like the name but got let down with a bad apple earlier in the week (Apples Jade) lol

I know it’s the favourite price wise right now 7/4 & 13/8 at most books.
Wondering if this is the nag for me make my stand on as last day is notoriously unpredictable.

I’ve had a small ew bet on Kilbricken Storm in the 2.50 Cheltenham.
CD form, won on the soft, 50/1 4 places , doesn’t need a big stake at that price.

In the Gold Cup I’ll have a decent bet on Might Bite think 9/2 is a great price. and then a few quid ew on Road to Respect


I’ve put all my bets on and I’m £250 up on the week so

Come on Ireland!

1.30 Farclas

2.10 Duca De Thaix/Ivanovich Gorbatov

2.50 Dortmund Park/Fabulous Saga

3.30 Outlander/Edwulf/Bachasson

4.10 Burning Ambition/Foxrock

4.50 Blow By Blow

5.30 The Game Changer/Some Plan

Gigginstown House Stud 2 or more winners day 4 @ 9/1 skybet specials

5 more Irish winners today please





We need a guinness emoji!

Good luck all! Enjoy the races. Keep it fun.

Oh yeah I’ve got Road To Respect ante-post as well in the Gold Cup but connections not sure about the ground.

Wish I followed you all week - and kept it steady, alas I didn’t so I’m down -£375.33 going into day 4 just on Chels.

The evening football bets not helped either as I’ve had time to play around and watch games (or listen to them if couldn’t find a decent stream) which to alas has not gone well and easily puts me down over £500 for the week - way over a weeks wage :frowning:

So here I am up late trying to work out if I gamble big and lump on Apples Shakira in a bid to get back to black - never a good idea chasing but feel the only way to break even is make a stand on one horse that I feel is gonna win. No guarantees but that’s sports betting!

Edit: I slept on it to consider if i should lump on Apples Shakira and now its been backed down to 5/4 - if I lumped on last night was 7/4. So now even more unsure… Arrrghhhh! :thinking:


Some animal.



Well done I lost my shirt on Apples Shakira :cry: :horse_racing:t3:

Alas I did lump more on AS! :persevere:

Great pick!

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Nice day for you !!

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Great pick that Mike!

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Well done everyone - please share beforehand what ya feelings are as I may follow as I’m gonna bet anyway so much rather follow people that know about the sport - me I’m picking names I like or tips random peeps off net big up. Not ideal. Had to leave it a while to update my Chels spread sheet to get over the bad juju as it was carnage but thankfully damage was limited thanks to having a 5ew on Kilbricken Storm at big odds (thanks Mike as am guessing horse jumped out at me as I’d read name somewhere and guessing that was you here).

For those who are interested here’s every horse I bet, odds I got and monies I lost each day… My original plan was to bet £100 max each day but that soon went out the window - think it was okay until I lumped £100 on a fav and when it didn’t land doubled down and lost another £100 on the next race fav and went awry from there. I do need to get the chasing bug out of me… I just get caught up in things - defo not a steady rational better.

BLM’s Cheltenham Carnage spread sheet 2018

Wish I listened to my sixth sense Saturday night on the football as I had a bad feeling about Wigan and they was the last of my weekly £25 football treble and was being offered a £38.77 cash out but decided to let it ride and so lost my £25 stake - ouch!