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Your Actual Cheltenham Fancies - Day 3 (2018)

I fucked up just lumped on the fav in the Ryanair that lost and now I am in a deep hole and chasing! :cry::horse_racing:t3:

So lumped on Sam Spinner to win in 4th race… fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Edit: Well that made things worse - need a decent tip to lump on day 4 - as when I work this out later will be loads down. :cry:

Whyyyyyy Noel :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The 100 quid a day plan was perfect, can’t believe you’ve done this again.
I have a tip but you won’t like it - take 100 quid and treat yourself to something nice that will last - Lions jersey or some such. Don’t bet tomorrow, dont even look at the racing. If you try to chase the losses you’ll be even worse off this time tomorrow

Many reasons Jon - by not being prepared today - as a mate came round and I’d not done my bets and then the races was near to going off he favoured same horse Un De Saux asked me to put £20 on it win for him and just was so easy while there I added a 1’ner for myself - opps. That was against my plan of sticking to tips and reading studiously, searching for offers as I had first 2 days so I just lumped on a fav and then chased - silly really - think judgement was impaired as had a few beers on empty stomach - no winners rest of day - football bets went bad last night to. Will update my Cheltenham spread sheet and see where I am tomorrow - back to smaller stakes but maybe some yankees or patents to try and win back the losses with small punts so if any one has any fancies be appreciative.

Oh and when I say in a hole I don’t mean thousands - I mean £100’s - wishing now I stuck to my max bet of £25 per horse/bet but nope ended up with 2 £100 punts and a couple of £40’s (£20 e/w’s) which has put me down in the hole I refer to.

Note to self don’t get carried away and do ya betting before mate comes over and you start drinking!


Oh my sorry to hear that Noel.

My Irish racing and Gordon Elliott/de Bromhead strategy is working out so far, to an extent. Kicked myself for picking the wrong Gigginstown horse in the Ryanair with Sub Lieutenant instead of Balko Des Flos, and I usually back Balko as well. Arggh. Honestly though I thought Un De Sceaux was a sure thing so didn’t get too involved in the race.

I started off well though. Had Shattered Love with the skybet offer.


Then a single on Delta Work. 2/2 I was riding the crest of a wave. Then I remembered I had them in a lucky 15 with Bacardys in the 3.30 and a non-runner Tully East … and I’m watching the race and Bacardys is flying and … and … it lands on its belly going over the last hurdle! I think it would have gone close as well but not to be. But that returned £52.

Back to Gordon Elliott and he obliges with The Storyteller where I had a £2 e/w free bet on. Remarkably my other pick Splash of Ginge obliges each way in 2nd.

But that’s where it ends for me. My pick in the 4.50 falls and I have £10 win on Mall Dini heading into the last with the Betway offer and he can’t quite get home.

I’m going into the final day hoping for 5 Irish winners. Have a bet of ‘20 or more Irish winners’ @ 20/1. I understand they’re on 15 as things stand. Now that would be the icing on the cake.

So for me tomorrow I’m cheering on the Irish! :shamrock:

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Well done @TheMalcyBarKid - nice to hear someone had a good day.

Good luck for 2moro.

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