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Anyone on xbox live? Just got an xbox, only got madden and fifa atm tho, anyone want to play online or just add me then my gamertag is KangerFrog00

Hi George, good move fella. If you don’t yet have the NFL app on xbox you shout jump on it fella. I shall add you later on or feel free to add me, my gamertag is Zookkan. I am an occasional weekend Madden player.

You all need PS4 :frowning:

Have you played NBA2K16? Get eeeet. Looks amazing, wish 2K games made NFL games again.

Thanks for the heads up dude, will check it oot.

George Xbox One or Xbox360?

Gordon - Whats the NFL app do? can you watch games and such on it? and how much is it?

Dean - Xbox one, guessing by you asking that you might be stuck on 360? haha

Yeah on 360, I couldn’t be bothered with all the upheaval of changing to the ONE, as I failed to see many benefits?
I’m missing Forza 6 so will get one sorted eventually.

George, the NFL app is a one stop shop for NFL. The app is free, just search for it via the xbox. Amongst other things it integrates in your GP subscription so yes you can watch the usual games as well as NFL network. Plus it integrates in your NFL fantasy league so your matchup, squad, league standings are all there. Additionally there is the new messed up NFL Now, Next Gen Replays, Game Highlights, cant miss plays and all that good jazz.