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I came across an interesting discussion on the NFLUK forum today, something that’s quite unusual these days it seems.

Somebody mentioned that they are considering taking a 1 year old to the Jets game at Wembley this year, I put my thoughts all over it but I’m curious as to whether I am in the minority or majority, if you had a one year old would you take em to the game?

Well, it’s a fairly gentle and friendly audience at the International Series games, but still, I don’t see any benefit to bring a one year old along, and the potential for something to go very badly… so I don’t see why a sensible person would bring a baby along.

No benefit for the child to be honest.
I see no issues always a great crowd but personally I wouldn’t do it.

At that age I don’t see the benefit of bringing a baby along either but I did see a similar situation in Dallas when I watched the Redskins play the Cowboys - I think the picture speaks for itself

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Think it’s a no But those who have what age does it become viable? 4? Can’t Wait!!!

I was 6 1/2 when I was taken to my first Rugby League game. It was exciting and a little scary. I didn’t understand any of the nuances of what I was watching, but I could follow the scoring and I certainly enjoyed it. I started going regularly about a year later.

Don’t imagine I’d have got a great deal from the game a year or so earlier, and I’d have just been a burder to the grown ups trying to watch the game. I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking a child to a game until they were 6 at least. Taking a small baby just strikes me as bonkers!

Me too, I think I’m a bad case however as I am the youngest in my family and don’t have kids so not around them often. There is quite a high percentage (especially in the South where I live) that think watching all sports should be like watching tennis, silence with an occasional hoorah… I’m not one of them. Football is a dramatically physical and exciting game, it should have fans that are willing to show passion in the stands and make a degree of noise. Not a place for a baby or very young child IMHO.