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Would you prefer if The Fan Pub was

So, here’s a quick little poll, just wondering what type of general direction you’d prefer for the site.

  • Based around the existing web forum, with added content - e.g. power rankings, podcasts, events, videos, fantasy analysis.
  • Based on a mobile app focused on group messaging for more live chat groups around specific topics and matches.

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(Both together might be possible but I’m wondering where to focus. If scaling up the community and spirit in our small but closeknit Whatsapp group is possible, or it the site would be better putting effort into content and sticking with an “old style” web forum.)

Its a good question as I dont think they work together, not if we want expansion anyway. If we want growth it needs to be the forum as its a far more open venue but thats not going to grow while people use whatsapp all week. I like whatsapp for game day and the like but that seems to be easier and more to peoples liking all week long. So for me the question is, do we want expansion or not…

I like nothing better than mixing it up with other NFL peeps and dont much care for looking at my phone all day so the forum option got my vote.

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I went for the forum to - just I use watts app most as find most the guys are on that more than here and I get an answer quicker.

I love this forum as it is. I just don’t find apps all that great. I love the idea of coming to this forum and reading up on the latest action and discussing it with others. That’s what makes this place for me :smile:


90% in favour of the existing forum + articles setup so far, seems relatively conclusive :blush:

Definitely some benefits to keep it all web-based - SEO for starters, not having to constantly keep an app updated across multiple app stores, and accessible to everyone. Just need to make the place a bit more of a destination :sunglasses:

I guess a concern I have is that forums are a bit old fashioned, but to be fair our userbase is probably on the slightly older level, the type that grew up with web forums rather than Snapchat, so that’s something to consider.