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Win tickets to the NFL Fan Forum with Sportlobster


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I see you won tickets Noel, congratulations.

Enjoy the event.

Really? Nice one Noel - have fun tomorrow! Could you ask Odell if he fancies playing for the Chiefs next season…

There can only be one bluelionman - so one can only assume it is Noel :slight_smile: He better check his email … lol

Can’t find anything in my e-mail - will keep checking but also now with such short notice don’t know how I can get 2moro off work - also on Sportlobster says prize is 4 tickets so if I can get day off would like to make sure the +3 tickets go to real NFL fans so who is local enough to be able to go?

If there is any possibility I would love to go

For those wondering what the night was like you can find a couple of videos here