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Win Tickets to Super Bash 2015

I am starting to find links by sponsors of ‘Super Bash’ to win tickets to the best Super Bowl party the UK has to offer - so being a nice NFL fan thought I’d share them in the pub with you folks. Any one else find one not listed do the right thing and share to…


Here’s another Super Bash ticket compo:

I already posted that link dude - first of my 3 links above - just your site only boxed the Pepsi Max one (second one)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doh :doughnut:

Oh, I just discovered all the emoticons… :dolphin: :smiley_cat: :dog: :smile:

More Super Bash comps:


This ones the daddy - not only can you win Super Bash tickets you can also win tickets to the Jags/Bills IS game in October - need to be quick though as competition closes on 26 January 2015 :


& the next sponsor has just gone live with their comp to win tickets…


A few more late ones appearing - however you need to be on Twitter for these two as you have to retweet these to be in with a chance to win tickets:


Good Luck,


Another late Twitter comp has appeared - Xbox have 10 - yes 10 pairs of Super Bash tickets to give away - just have to follow and retweet (find post on their page below):


Good Luck - keep entering to help out ya fellow ticket less NFL fans.

& another one that requires you to be on ya toes at 6pm tonight (cut and pasted from there Twitter page):

At 6pm tonight we will have a first to respond with the correct answer competition!! 2 x tickets to the Superbash event at O2 Indigo on Sun!


I lost that EA comp by 16 seconds! They were 15 minutes late in starting though, I guess myself and a dozen other people were all pressing refresh :smile:


I was hitting refresh and refresh and refresh. Still no luck. Then I was only 5th quickest, and that was very bad typing and spelling the answer incorrectly :slight_smile: … I thought it was a wind up at first how late they were.

I’m sorry to here that AWNFL - I can only put up what I find - don’t mean I like the way they do things - sorry guys. :frowning:

I think that is now all competitions exhausted. At least I can now say I have 100% record in not winning anything. Will be chancing my arm at the Slug. See you on the night.

Noel says he manages to get tickets on the day so he might be able to wangle you one, seeing as our group (inc Noel) already have tickets anyway, but we’ll be meeting up at the Slug beforehand.

Holy hell - late cops appearing today FRIDAY - here’s a re-tweet Twitter one - 6 pairs up for grabs from ion cameras: