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Win a copy of Madden 16 - A Fan Pub Competition

What with the new NFL season only a month or two away, it seemed like a good time to kick-off The Fan Pub’s first little competition, in the spirit of winning free stuff and mildly boosting awareness of the site!

We’ve got a copy of Madden 16 up for grabs, on your choice of system (PS4/XB1).

To enter, simply post a tweet containing a link to this page and the hashtag #thefanpub

You could retweet this tweet if you’re feeling lazy:

We’ll pick a winner on August 10th. Only open to residents of the UK or Ireland. Friends and family members probably allowed to win. But not us guys running the site, as that would be a bit odd. Good luck!


Bugger - as you made me an admin I guess that counts me out. :neutral_face:

Just followed and retweeted on twitter, great competition guys, love madden.
Will send a tweet out also, hopefully a couple of my followers will retweet and follow.

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I’ve retweeted using my personal account as well as 2 others as I thought it would help your cause as I have more followers on the other 2. Hope this doesn’t DQ me!

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Holiday reading just arrived


Nice one Dean! Might give that a go next week when holiday starts.

So cool, TFP has prize give aways! I have tweeted but am I included in running this site, I dont know lol.

Good luck all

Yeah I don’t know where we stand on forum mods :smile: Myself and Noel definitely shouldn’t win, mods are sort of a grey area.

I have no problem with the mod position, I would be glad to help in any way. In fact its a good thing if I don’t qualify to win… Madden is way too addictive for my personality type.

Madden 25 and 15 taught me you cant be a Madden star and hold down a functional marriage, I tried :smile:

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A little bump on this, as there’s a week left.

Done fella. Let’s hope we get more people to the forum :grinning:

What if im from gibraltar ?

Oh, we have a winner for the competition, Mr Nick Frost ( https://twitter.com/nfro5tie ). A copy of Madden 16 will be with him on release day.

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Sweet, well done to Nick!

Lucky guy and nice comp - well done Nick for winning and thanks to neonadam for running.