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Wimbledon - Tennis

Anyone for tennis betting?

I can’t believe the price of Simona Halep on Betfair (25-1) or 20-1 on Coral. Definitely a player on the up and capable of mixing it with the best of the best. She is 3rd seed and fated to meet Petra Kvitova in her half of the draw (Kvitova pulled out of warm-up event this week due to illness). Semi-finalist last year and perhaps go one better in 2015? She plays well on grass and has the determination needed in the womens game (if you don’t know her, Google what she did to improve her game)

I hate tennis but monies money - I may put a £10 bet down each way on this tip. I helped my mum get tickets via the random lottery draw they do but alas she’s got tickets late on in the tourney if I recall - think day before final on a day when I think it’s the young players finals playing… court #1.

edit: PS Using odds checker they say Simona Halep is best price of 20’s at Coral now - only 16’s at Betfair.

How did you get 25’s just 30 mins ago I am looking and OC is correct Betfair is only showing me 16’s for her :frowning:
I want 25’s and to enter that comp below - getting 16’s when Corals is 20’s sucks! :rage:

Also just seen this promo for those of you that like tennis On Betfair - think it’s a good prize - I may use Deans tip and go £25 as if I won my mum would love to go to the Mens final.

Noel - there is Betfair bookmakers, which is a standard betting company & Betfair Exchange. The exchange is where punters offer other punters odds. If you search for the ‘exchange’ top left you will find better odds. Furthermore you can lay off this bet late in the tourney, assuming Halep progresses (her odds would tumble if Serena crashes out, that’s not impossible)

The exchange does not qualify for the free raffle prize. Also I wouldn’t advocate betting on a sport you don’t enjoy. Womens tennis can be extremely annoying, almost all the players have big swings in form.

Currently odds are down to 22-1 (less commision), they may increase later this week especially if she is perceived to have a difficult draw.(The draw is made tomorrow)

I thought the draw was already made as you said she looked to have an easier route to final in her half in your original post didn’t you?

I really must learn to use the exchange - gutted there’s no freebie offer first time to try it out plus if perhaps had done my huge bets there could get out when in my favour - though the commission is scary - is that just on the win or the stake to - as in do they deduct the stake before taking the 4% commission?

Also £25 on tennis I’d spend that on a raffle ticket to win that prize as I know it would be like me going to a Super Bowl in my mums eyes and if Andy M was in final (or any Brit) to her would be like Lions being in that Super Bowl so with your tip and that offer am tempted to treat it like a raffle ticket and drop £25 - maybe £12.50 e/w on the player you tipped - just gutted it’s not even the best odds on normal books - which BF would match Coral’s at 20’s.

Just to clarify, Halep is seeded 3rd, so if all goes to plan she faces Kvitova in the semi, thus avoiding Serena Williams.
I’d never take a player at 16’s if 20’s or 25’s were on offer. She is currently down to 21-1 on the Exchange, this may increase before the start as she split from her coach today??? (betting on womens Tennis should come with a health warning, it’s very inconsistent)

Just keep doing the ballot, your mum may get lucky (I got mens final one year).

Arrgh!! unfeckingbelieable,. I am really starting to think Noel has really upset the betting gods, how did Halep get turned over, she was a 1-20 shot before the game and led one set to love.

loyalty transferred to Wozniaki now at 66-1 (Noel - please don’t follow me in)

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I never did put anything on her in the end so how is that my fault… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha Ha - Glad for you, I wished i’d; stayed away too, betting on Ladies Tennis is a minefield.

Just came across a competition that’s free to enter with a top prize of a pair of VIP Mens final tickets - alas I don’t like tennis much so I could only name about 5 if I was lucky but there is actually 25 phrases if you know ya stuff - every 5 right gets you 1 entry apparently - any way it’s a Jacobs Creek promo so here’s the link (I’d love to enter for my mum as she would be made up with this prize me thinks).

The Jacob’s Creek
Big Ticket

Halep 8-1 with Lads for French Open.