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Wilson vs Rodgers

I watched NFL Total Access from last night where they debated Wilson’s new contract. Should he be paid the same as Aaron Rodgers? I say no because he still has to prove himself without that major defense and the Beast carrying the ball for most of the game.

What’s your thoughts?

Rodgers has the potential to be one of the Greats
Wilson is a good QB on a great team

It’s chalk and cheese

Rodgers is the better QB

In fantasy Wilson is a top five but that because of his duel threat ability…
But as that declines can he command the pocket I don’t think so.
As was said above a product of a very good system and team.
I do like him but Rodgers is top draw.

I agree but with a twist, Rodgers is a beast and he could play and win from behind the worst line in football if he had to. Wilson is great but not a great…

However getting back to the original question, the answer for me really depends on how you look at the question. If people focus on what Wilson brings as a player to the team that he plays for rather than whether he is an all time great the answer becomes a little tougher to reach. Wilson might not be categorised as an all time superstar but he does bring loads of value with his skill set on a weekly basis, value and product that the team would be extremely silly to lose as it gives them the ability to play the style of football they choose. So based on his value to the team and the way they play, yes he should be up there in the pay bracket, if not the same as Rodgers then close to it.

I think the hard to replace comes into too , once you have found a QB that fits it may take a long time to suitably fill their shoes
scarcity is such a great aspect of the NFL

Agree with the scarcity factor, Shani.
I don’t think Wilson is as good as Rodgers and I don’t think it’s close. But there aren’t enough to go around, so if you’ve got a top 10-12 QB you have got to keep hold of them by any means necessary.
The other thing in Wilson’s favour from a contract point of view is his age. In his mid 20’s you can expect him to be this good or better for the mext few years. Rodgers is 31 so it’s still possible but you couldn’t be as confident