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Who's on Twitter?

We all chat on here but a good way to raise profile of fan pub is if we’re all connected there too. I appreciate not everyone is on Twitter but for those who are, let’s all follow each other? Warning, I tweet a lot…!



I follow Liz on twitter and can recommend it - lots of links to her blog, polls, interesting retweets - generally a big old pile of NFL content ! :+1:

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I am on her mailing list, well written articles…

Aside from my very sporadic efforts updating @thefanpub my main Twitter account is @adamphilbin but I tend to be mostly active when procrastinating or something :blush:

I too follow @NFLGirlUK and she’s one of the most active UK NFL fans on there. We need to get her to do some articles for the site :smile:

I Just hooked myself back into twitter and followed Liz.

I am on Twitter but don’t use it much - I kind of joined a few years back as many comps to win Super Bash tickets was Re-tweet and follow to enter sort of things so kind of had to be on there to enter… but if I am honest something about the word limit - I am not concise and it always catches me so kind of never took to it - Facebook on the other hand I kind of live on. I guess your one or the other preference wise and for me it’s FB. However I do believe I am already following Liz (NFLGirlUK) on Twitter and in case anyone wants to link up, follow or whatever it is we do there then my twitter handle is @bluelionman :sunglasses:

Yeh, I get the word limit thing Noel… Best way to work around is to link to this forum ; )

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Hi All,

Hope everyone is looking forward to next Sunday it hopefully will be a cracker. I’m on Twitter and think I follow a few people on here but more the merrier. My Twitter name is @brown084

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