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Who's going to the Twickenham Game - Oct 23rd?

I know at least 5-6 of us from here are going to the Giants @ Rams game at Twickenham on the 23rd. Anyone else here going, and interested in meeting up to watch the 6pm/9pm games in Twickenham or Central London?

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I’m staying in Central London and up for watching some of the late games.

Did you know theres a big screen at Twickenham that will be showing a 6 oclock game?

I will be at the match. Got a spare ticket if anyone is considering it. Will be able to meet up after the game, not sure how long. Was also planning to grab a beer at the Ailsa Tavern near the ground before the game.

Yeah I saw they’re showing the 6pm games at the tailgate area next to the stadium. Might prefer being in Twickenham in a warm bar though or maybe one of the BBQ places :smiley:

I’ll be going with a friend. We were looking for potential watering holes pre-game so we will try and head to the Ailsa for a drink beforehand but will need to head back straight after to catch the train home.

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Is the Alisa tavern near the around? Isn’t it basically in Richmond? :smiley:

I’ll probably end up meeting straight up with the other TFPers before the game near the stadium, unless we’ve planned somewhere beforehand. After the game there’s plenty of places in Twickenham, it’s not like being stuck in Wembley thankfully :smiley:

By google maps it is 1 mile / 19 mins walk away ( for comparison the green man is 0.6 miles / 12 mins from Wembley). Plus I think I will be arriving from the Richmond direction. And I went there for a beer or two before the 2006 Challenge Cup final, it was a nice place, and I assume nothing has changed in 10 years :smile:

im there, thanks Adam!

We need to define a number of those who are…

a) out for the night with the rest of us?
b) willing to spend a little as part of a booking to ensure we all find a place to watch the nights football unfold.

Once we have a number we can make a booking.

Thanks all.

Sounds great G - been following the chats on discord about this - but sadly I won’t be able to stick around too long after the game. Might stay at Twickers to watch a bit on the big screen until the crowds disperse but that’s probably it. Still have the day after thanksgiving off work so will have to wait till then to catch up with everyone.

thats cool Jon, where are you in the stadium? unlikely but just in case there is the chance for a pint at the half or something. Otherwise delighted your part of the TG posse! I have the Friday off as well.

Block M47 - mid way back, South Side end zone…

Great, I’m not sure where we will be yet but will let you know