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Who's a baseball fan?

I know sod all about baseball and don’t follow it at all and for my sins am in a baseball fantasy league (don’t ask) and am cut adrift at the bottom - I don’t have the desire to go reading up on a sport I don’t much care for when I don’t have enough time for the sports I do like to follow so just wondered if anyone here was a big fan of baseball might wanna give me a few pointers as to be fair I’ve not changed my roster since the start of the season and you can edit it weekly - alas players prices go up and down so I may have lost a bundle and good form players may be well pricey now… any way the game I’m playing is ESPN’s baseball challenge.

Reason for playing it - is it’s part of the forum championship I am running on NFLUK and well all American sports have to be covered to be fair to all players so have to seek out at least one fanto game on all the American sports even ones I don’t follow like NCAA, NHL, NBA and MLB etc.

Thanks for reading and any advice gratefully received…

I don’t play any fantasy baseball, but Brad from our live draft may be able to help? His twitter feed always seems to be packed with baseball stats and bets. Not sure if he comes to this site?

I made some changes - I looked into it last night and no wonder I was bottom as had three players score me zero since start of season - 1 out for year with bad injury and 2 playing in minor leagues - doh! So consequently they have lost value and those players doing well in the majors (MLB) have gone up so much I can’t afford them so now my team comes in at about $48 when you start on $50 - however a few players have gone well and up in value masking the $12 I have lost on them 3 duds - and guy leading my league who has obviously paid attention - his roster is worth over $60 now - so be hard pressed to catch up as I am over 1500 points behind and can only afford bad players - but my own fault not checking it for so long - as like you with some games baseball is not a sport I really care for nor follow.

Another idea… but maybe for next year from the sound of it… follow NumberFire on twitter, they tend to post a daily link to a fantasy baseball hints and tips page. Dont play the game, so dont know how good the tips are but hopefully better than nothing!

Sorry fella, I know they pitch it and hit it… Does that help?