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Who would you say still has it in him?

So I just watched an episode of the Rich Eisen Show

where T. O. says he hasn’t retired and would still be able to play in the NFL if called upon (interesting … considering he’s 41).

Who would you say could still pull it off in the NFL over the age of 40 - retired or not?

Barry Saunders or terrell davis both look in great shape!?

Obviously certain positions are more up for this challenge than others, I’m sure quite a few kickers can still kick a ball. How about my fav wide receiver of all time, Chris Carter! Ok ok he is 50 I think so maybe asking a tad too much. I think Brett Favre would be a guy… But also… me!

Why you laugh!? I have all the tangibles required to bust out as a sleeper RB this season & I’m 42…