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When you don't put on enough!

A lot of you know I have had a problem with sports gambling in the past so trying to only bet in the single digits (£1) - alas at the weekend I fell off the wagon - not massively but did pounds instead of pennies - loads of little bets that added up to £40 - oops… only one cashed for £5 and change - so down about £37. One 5 fold for a fiver with 2 outsiders that came in (49’ers and Jets both straight money line) got killed by the frigging Eagles late Sunday night. Hence not feeling very lucky as had a few others that all got blown by 1 result (Lions did for one and Chargers not covering their spread did for the other one) so not feeling lucky I think contributed to my reducing stakes to pennies from pound tonight.

So tonight I decide with less than 10 mins to kick off to have some fun on MNF as staying up to watch (good game by the way) - I see a bet I like - normally I would do a fiver minimum but trying to limit my self to £1 and £2 bets - so I do a quid… before I hit submit thinking 100/1 - it’s really not likely probably throwing my money away - so I reduce to 25p as anything less than a quid don’t register with me and thinking it will probably tell me the minimum is a quid.

Nope it takes it - for 25p - wouldn’t you know that 100/1 shot lands - now I’m all sad I didn’t do at least the quid if not my usual fiver!

Well here’s my smallest ever staked decent win:

Even when the BLM is lucky - he don’t feel lucky! #Betters_Blues!

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