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What we've been waiting for

The Night Tube will be running on Fridays and Saturdays and launches in the early hours of 12 September

We no longer have any excuse not to go in to London and watch the late night NFL games - the tube will soon get you to many important places in London all night long … starting just in time for the new NFL season :wink:

Time to go for some hot wings and :beers: Gordon lol

Just need to extend the Northern Line up to Leeds and I’ll be right with you

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This is great news, would be great if we could expand the numbers for those occasional Thursday night games in the City. Its a great way to start a long weekend. Its typical Dean that you live up North as I’m sure you would join us if closer and we would be better off for having your banter.

Its strange, I’m sitting here having just finished some rubbish wings which made me recall those “hottest wings in London” that we had at the Empire casino last season, f*ck they were hot! and here you are bringing them up. That empire casino was probably the worst venue we went to last year (despite the wings).

Yeah but when you look into it it’s not the whole Tube - only limited parts and the Tube never went South much anyway so makes no odds to me really - still a nightmare getting home to East Surrey in the wee hours - night busses as far as Coulsdon and then long walk or expensive cab ride to finish off - same as it’s always been like which I do after Super Bash - for the final it’s worth it but on a regular basis for a TNF game it’s hard - add in the fact I don’t finish work to 10:15pm it’s a hard job getting home, changed and rushing to make last train up in to town from Merstham. I wish public transport really was 24hrs and I’d be out much more as really enjoyed the real draft meet up at G’s and like gang events. Saturday play off games or Sunday night games be easier for me on that front as could set off earlier to get up to town. Maybe a Thanks Giving meet up if defo a big turnout is worth the effort as I normally book the Thursday off but if people are up for a big get together for the games then I’ll book the Friday off as well and not worry how long takes me to get home as can sleep in the Friday if not working.

Yeah hell I am throwing that out there lets do a big meet up for TG. I’m down for all 3 games in town - will book the Thursday and Friday off now make sure I got it covered. How about it Dean - TG never moves can you with your work get a sales meeting down south and some how fit in a stay down here for that?

Sales Meets usually only get planned a week or two in advance but if I could get something organised I’d certainly be there. However I’m usually really thankful of thanksgiving, it’s traditionally the easiest night of the season to drag an NFL profit out of Betfair.
Loads of newbies betting on the only live event of the evening + students just getting into NFL/Gambling = Easy Money for any experienced exchange bettor :smile:

Invest in a up to date smart phone and do all that on the go?
I wish I knew what I was doing - never go into the markets as yet - think the percentage rake puts me off a tad as unsure what I’m doing to be honest - be interesting to see you in action.

Sorry LM, Myself and Anders will be soaking up the football in DC!

In WC? Seriously? I’ll be going to D.C. lol

Sssshh (corrected) ; )

Yeah I read the reply in e-mail and WC I thought does he mean toilet or World Cup… :stuck_out_tongue:

toilet, definitely toilet. You would not catch me at the soccer world cup, their governing body is as corrupt as they come.

Noel, I am hoping to make it to London for Thanksgiving as long as there are a few like minded souls and a good venue to watch the games.
Maybe have a chat with you about it if I can catch you at the cricket next month

Sweet Jon - I am not a Londoner so unsure best venue but that bar next to Marylebone train station George took me to seemed fine - though if punters not enough did kind of push you out during last very late game - as at first during 3rd Quarter muted sound then security / door bloke kind of came close dropping comments like ‘ain’t you got homes to go to’. Not sure if on TG games is earlier or perhaps be more of a late crowd so no pressure on you to leave - think as it was just me and George they wanted us gone so they could go home. I kind of get that as its a job to them ad obviously not NFL fans themselves.

As for the cricket we decided to pay for parking in the end - £10 so guess we are parking at the Ageas Bowl itself now as they sending a parking pass - I ordered it today.