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What the draft board looks like video (13) answers that question

Check out this for all you new players

Or look back with fond memories to last year.


I am surprised anyone want’s to play with me again I got caught up in the social aspect and a few to many beers for Dutch courage as I am shy! :sunglasses:

Am I right in thinking the two guys who have dropped out this year are the Jets fan on the right (#96) and the redskins capped guy in front of him?

The Jets guy yes - but not the other guy with Skins baseball cap - I think that’s Brad Allen.

Tim has dropped out, he is back row left at the start of the video, in the Oklahoma top

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I like the way at the start of the draft everyone is laid back thinking I’ve got this, but by the last few rounds we’re all getting closer to the board as we delve deep into our cheat sheets!

Bring on this years draft!


Its a good video but does not really capture the atmosphere (as expected). Really looking forward to this years draft, its a boat load of fun.

It’s only a snippet of the day !!

Looking forward to seeing you all there

Nice video. Seems like a good setup. Presumably a booked out area of the pub?

@bluelionman, I like that whilst you are busy scrambling around for a pick that has not gone off the board, you see the clock ticking down in the background. No pressure eh?! :wink:

No - they wanted to charge over £100 for a conference room so we just go in and take over an area - people get the message if they want a quite chat that day they go to another of the many pubs in Redhill - lol.

Two minutes of Noel trying to make 2nd round pick :smile:

The more I watch this the more I cringe at myself!