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Wembley International Series 2015 - Lions @ Chiefs

So I’m guessing a bunch of us are going to the Lions @ Chiefs game on Nov 1st (plus a few of us have already gone to the Jets @ Dolphins game and will be going to the Bills @ Jags game this weekend).

Any plans around this - e.g. who’s going, anyone meeting up at the tailgate before the game and also going into London afterwards to watch the rest of the day’s games?

I will be down on the Saturday staying over till the Monday so up for before and after

I’ll be in town Friday to Monday - no idea when the Chiefs will be here next so making a big deal of it!

Friday I’ll be helping host some US fans on a bus tour. Then I’ll be going for a free drink courtesy of the Chiefs!

Saturday fingers crossed if this sponsorship website thing works out I will be seeing some of you at the fan forum with Will Shields / Christian Okoye / Barry Sanders. Then going to a club that is booked for fans in the evening (think the same club has one area for KC and one for Detroit so may see Noel and others there!)

Sunday I will be at the Green Man pre game if anyone is going there. Afterwards I will be up for a meet up and watching a bit more football. I am fine with Hippodrome or Marylebone (or both), I will keep an eye out for messages about where and when people are meeting.

Can’t wait, should be a top weekend!

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Yep I certainly plan to do a lot of the same and similar things to Jon but on the blue side of things as opposed to his Red. Again the Saturday if I hear I got a ticket will go to that players thing and then that party being hosted by Dani Lopez Vega. Hoping to drag along 3 or 4 US Lions fans who are over here. On the Friday I will be going on the Lions fans bus tour in the afternoon - pray for good weather and have talked in all my US mates to buying tickets - which sadly is about 4 people however have been plugging it relentlessly on the guy behinds behalf just hope the news has got out to other Lions fans coming to London for the weekend especially those from the States. I will have another bash this week with team contacts and players I linked to on social media in case they now know what family and friends they have coming over. Also will plug again in Lions groups on Facebook in case any fans are on there now looking for ideas on what to do who are making the trip over. As for the game day itself I am not sure what time I am making it up to town as am sure the Saturday night will have been a late one but after the game I know my US friends will want to spend time outside posing for pictures and what have you then they liked a pub near the tube station last year - think it had Gold in the title - maybe Shani knows the name being a local. However when I can finally drag them away I will take them straight to the Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill George showed me last year as it serves food, is huge and had the NFL on with game sound so fits the bill and bonus for me had a night bus stop round the corner that goes to Elephant & Castle which is where I can change and get another bus back to Coulsdon where I can by the time I get there get first train home 1 stop to Merstham the Monday morning and be in my flat for about 8:30am give or take 30mins!

Chris and I will be at both games and will be up for watching the afternoon games if we have a meet up

May as well throw some photos from the Wembley game up, cause why not…

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