Wembley carbao cup final

@bluelionman any recommendations for hotels etc. near wembley mate? sure youve been a few times a remember

I live near enough to Wembley to travel there and back same day for games at Wembley mate. So I never stayed in hotels in that area - however a lot of the TFP guys do travel and stay over in the big smog for events - NFL games/ Super Bowl parties etc.,. I know many England fans from up north to save money get hotels in the greater London area and just travel in/out on game day from there, as it’s way cheaper than close to ground or Central London and TFL have great links from all over London - Busses, Tubes, trains - I would ask the guys on TFP Discord channel - one guy actually lives in Wembely - or used to - so should know area better than most of us.

will join it now. thanks mate

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