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Welcome to The Fan Pub

Hurray, you’ve made your way to The Fan Pub, a nice little place for people (mostly Brits) to talk about American sports. We started off as an NFL and Fantasy Football group but we’re open to all American Sports discussion, whether it’s NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA or other US-based sports with acronym-based names.

As you can see, the forum’s running on new software now. It’s a bit less visual and more “functional” looking than before, but that’s fine as it has quite a few more functions too. As time allows I’ll stick a guide here if people need a hand getting to grips with some of the forum’s features.

Oh, there are Discussion Guidelines here if you need to read that sort of thing. You’ll probably find some tutorials on how to use the forum somewhere too. It’s pretty straight forward in general.

Whether you made your way here from our original fantasy football league, from the NFLUK forum or elsewhere, welcome and have fun!

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