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Week 7 bets

Any thoughts this week guys?
I’m going -
Seahawks -6
Falcons -4
Chargers -4

I’m keener on some of the outsiders this week - not clashing with any of your games. My early five picks would be

Browns +5.5 at Rams
Cowboys +4 at Giants
Jags +4.5 v Bills
Lions +2.5 v Vikings
Ravens +7.5 at Cards

Of those, the Lions is my strongest pick. I actually make them favourites in this game, so a start is a bonus! I will probably have a single on them in the money line plus include them in my spread bets so I hope I’m right!

Gone against my normal strategy to hit some 5-timers using these three teams straight-up as bankers
Rams 10/23
Cards 4/15
Seahawks 2/5

They are collectively 6/4 then I’ve added various other teams to make up the 5.

So two of your bankers Dean are ones where I have gone for the outsider to cover the spread! We’re obviously approaching this from different directions…
I guess if all your bankers win, but narrowly, then we are both right!

To be honest I wouldn’t fancy any of my bankers to cover, they will all be playing for the ‘W’ so for once I’m content to try these straight up.
I have enough interest currently on the Spreadex ATS game (did I mention I’m clear top) - that’s a kiss of death

I’ve gone a few this week:

Jags + 5.5 (seems the odds got longer)
Chargers - 4
Browns + 5.5
Falcons - 4

Plus my regular weekly acca with standard money lines, this week Texans, Seahawks, Colts, Redskins, Chargers. The Texans will probably blow that one, but they’ve never lost to the Dolphins… (probably will now, however)

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Adam - I love that Falcs bet. Currently Boysports are -3.5 which is a max bet for me (also 19/20 not 10/11 - every little helps)

If you have a PP account, the Jags are also available at +6, id be quick as I see that coming back down.

Good luck with them, not sure about the browns one. Think the Rams are the type when they click they can be anything, unpredictable!

fwiw here are my week 7 locks
ny jets +10
buffalo -4
san diego -4
indianapolis -5
ny giants -3.5
best of luck , sean

Amazing what a range of different picks we have with even just a few people on this thread.
Definitely encourages me to tryto get a picks competition sorted for this site for next season…!

Watching pre game show and I’m changing my mind. I like 49ers with +6.5.
Think Seahawks may still edge it but it will be a close game

Urgh, awful.
Number 1 rule - don’t change yourund at the last minute

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Due to above musings it swayed me to take the 49’ers with the +6.5 start and bet on Seattle to win by 1-3 points - doh!
Have now zero’ed out my 365 a/c so need some open bets to come in or wont be playing on there again (now they seen reason and unlocked me) till next year. As I’m trying to police myself and one rule I am trying to stick to is I cant top up a/c’s now until a new year if I zero out! So first bet that can come in to give me some funds back is New Zealand winning the Rugby World Cup.

Only managed to cash 1 of 5 bets but the other 4 have ‘money-back status’ so I may try this type of bet in the future.