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Week 5 bets

Week 4 went well - nicely in profit for the season so I can play with the bookies’ money for the next couple ofemphasized text weeks!

At a first glance at the line up for week 5, the spread teams that I like are all home teams :
Buccs -3 v Jags
Detroit +3 v Cards
Raiders +5 v Broncos

Appreciate the last one may be a stretch, but I’ve liked the Raiders in places this season and think they have a good chance to unsettle Peyton. Also I think there is a chance the line might move a point or so in my favour on that one.

Let me know what you all fancy for the weekend (Dean, any more big priced winners are always welcome!)
:pound: :pound:

I agree Jon and I think Carr is going to have a great game (I need him to!!). Not only is Carr playing P. Manning but that’s also the QB that Newton’s Law has, who I’m playing in Week 5. I also believe that ‘baseball pitch’ they play on in Oakland is going to throw off the Broncos :grinning:


I wish you good luck with that fella. I like the Riaders at +5 but consider both other bets a little dicey. I like the Cards @ -3 A LOT.

It would be rubbish if we all thought the same.


Not a huge fan of those bets (though I’ve been wrong about a lot of things so far this season!).

I see the Jags beating Tampa Bay. +3 is a little optimistic for Detroit. Raiders at +5 is probably a coin toss, which sounds about right.

Already on the Texans at 10/11, and now that the Luck news is confirmed the price has tumbled. If I was a major player I would now be backing the Colts to guarantee myself a win either way.
As it is, not really worth it for my size of stake!

I think the Texans are the bet of the week at that price Jon, good luck.

Have you guys been watching any Texans games lately? :smile: I suppose if Foster comes back and runs 200 yds, we might have a chance. Mallet has been horrific though.

Hoyer had a chance and blew it in a massive way and I’m still really surprised how poor the Texans D is so far…

Adam as our resident Texas correspondence, do give Dallas any chance this weekend? I fancied a large bet on the Pats this week but the more I look at the game I think the Cowboys will be tough to beat

Hoyer didn’t blow anything. That cocked up interception was a total “oh shit, oops, WTF?” panic moment, when the pocket completely collapsed and Hoyer threw the airiest deep ball ever. Deer in the headlights moment, totally not game planned and I’m sure something Hoyer would avoid doing 99 times out of 100. He just shat his pants, but I don’t blame him for that.

He was so much better than Mallet it wasn’t funny. He actually turned the Texans into a working offense. Hopkins was looking great, Strong got 2 TDs, and Foster was showing some brilliant moments. The defense lost us that game, in addition to going 10-0 down at the end of the 1st Q under Mallet.

Fortunately O’Brien has said Hoyer’s QB1 again (for now), so that’s something. Not sure what happened to Mallet in the last year - in his one game against the Bengals last season he looked really impressive, but this season he’s been completely useless - just throws the ball at the ground all.fucking.night.long. Plus he has serious attitude problems.

But it’s generally a pretty bad situation, when you wish Fitzpatrick was back. Just hoping we can draft a decent QB next year. Should have a pretty high draft pick…

The Cowboys won’t be doing much with Weeden. No real passing threat, which is killing the run game too (as seen in the 2nd half vs Atlanta once the Falcons realised they could just stack the box against the run).

Patriots will probably kill Dallas. Belichick and Angry Brady running up the score. Maybe against a poorer team we could rely on a few Randle TDs and a surprisingly solid Cowboys D (Hardy’s starting!) to keep things close and grind out a win, but I think the Patriots will just tear the Cowboys a new one.

I’m considering just hibernating till next season.


Fun bet for the day:
1st Denver TD scorer: Owen Daniels 13/2
1st Buffalo TD scorer: “Other” 7/1

Daniels because of the well known Oakland issues against tight ends all season long.
“Other” because I was actually going to bet on Boom Herron - but Ladbrokes only list about 8 players in their TD market, plus a catch-all “Other” - so this one wins if Herron scores as he wasn’t one of the 8 listed: but also if it’s a defensive score, or a punt return (as their normal returner Marcus Thigpen isn’t one of the 8 listed either)
Fiver double pays £300 at those odds!

(Also had another bet, backed the Buccs minus 3, and the Lions straight up)

That’s my bet, plus got a £50 free bet waiting so any thoughts on where that should go guys?

Travis Kelce to get the First TD in the Chiefs Bears game - William Hills is top price 9/1

PS - that’s a BOLD acca, Dan!

Talking of bold…

I’m very serious when I say that the Packers could get beat at home today, at 4.5 that is hugely tempting. I wont be on myself because I have family arriving so wont be tuned in tonight but otherwise I would be on for sure…

Here’s my one - yes I know I’ve taken a bit of chances but makes the watching more fun :grin:

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Family 'round on a Sunday :scream:

I won’t even answer the door or phone after 6pm!!

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Julius Thomas is back for the Jags.

Ladbrokes first Jacksonville TD scorer has “Other” at 4/1 - which would include Thomas as well as the defence and any other random player who’s not on Ladbrokes’ list