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Week 2 NFL bets

Striking whilst the irons hot, I’ve had a quick look at next weeks games. I can’t believe the Browns are giving Tennessee a 2.5 point start. (20/21 on BetVictor).

I know in NFL betting one week shouldn’t ever really affect the following week, but these two teams seem to be the opposite end of the momentum spectrum. Mariota couldn’t have looked more impressive and Cleveland couldn’t have looked any worse.

I think that spread will change during the week, so if you bet it now you can potentially bet both sides of the number if you think Johnny Football can bounce back.

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Yep, I know it was only one game, but the Titans look like an entirely different team. Mariota is the real deal, he even made Sankey into a decent running back.

I think I’ll be backing the Titans this week. Scary thing is they could finish above the Texans in the AFC South - they seem to have a functioning offense and a schedule with the Jags x 2, Raiders, Browns, Jets and a poor NFC South.

I just tried to get on but when I hit place (only putting the £16 and change I had in my BV account) it said market is currently suspended. :disappointed:

Bet Error

Betting on event Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns is currently suspended.

Okay the lines back up but Tennessee are now only +2 (not +2.5) is it still a lump on in your opinion Dean?

Hell I’ve done it - £19.64 on… So come on the Titans this is my first double up bet so will crap out or start the long journey trying to get back to black…

I’d always still try to get the the best number. SkyBet are still +2.5 albeit 10/11

I’m very wary of over-reacting to the week 1 scores. Last year the Titans came to KC week 1 and whupped us on our home ground fair and square - they went on to finish 2 - 14 while we were 9 and 7. Plenty more examples like that. I am tweaking them upwards in my rankings but not going to overdo it - suspect I may end up backing a few teams who had bad weeks 1s, if I think the market has over-reacted

Hi Jon - I tend to agree with what you have said and I will probably bet accordingly in a similar way to you. My urgency to get on the Titans yesterday was to take advantage of the point spread, in my opinion Tennessee should be the favs here and +2.5 against Cleveland is almost too good to be true.

Just checked and the Titans are now -1 so it hasn’t taken long for the market to adjust. If this went to -3 I’d also bet a similar amount on the Browns for a risk free bet with a double-bubble chance of cashing both bets. :sunglasses:

I’m doing a 4 game acca for week 2 - Rams, Chargers, Titans, Dolphins, returns £1000 on £100. Might throw in the Cards over the Bears and Texans over the Panthers for a longer shot punt too.

None of the odds look that great this week, but the Bengals are currently the favourites over the Chargers which seems BS to me. Titans are now slight favourites versus the Browns which isn’t such good value, but seems realistic.

Yeah, I’m guilty of sticking to William Hill too much, and they don’t really do refunds (they have 6 game acca insurance but 4-5 games is about as far as I like to go). I should probably use my other accounts more often, Betfair sometimes seem to give slightly better odds and offers than WH.

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I’ll almost certainly be backing the Browns now. I have them as (slight) favourites and it looks like I’ll be able to find even money or better.
I like the Jags getting 6 at home to the Dolphins too

Like the chiefs this week +3 at home to the Broncos. Chris also a fan. Chiefs looked good first game, Broncos not so much. Chiefs great at home, turned over the patriots and Seahawks last year although the Broncos beat them twice so small stakes

There is no way the Chiefs are plus 3. Do you mean minus 3?

If the are genuinley plus 3 tell me which bookie and I will dash to the bank!

Yeah sorry -3. Got carried away there

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I’ve settled for a treble on the spreads - Buccs +10, Jags +6, Cowboys +5.
Was considering including the Browns too but decided against.

Think I will do a little first TD scorer bet as well as I will be watching red zone from 6 tomorrow

I not really got on the betting yet this season (off topic alert) though I had £20 on England just a bit earlier post Fiji game for some added interest in the World Cup at 9/2. However just wanted to say for first TD scorers this looks like a nice promo BetFred are doing:


It’s a brand new NFL season and to celebrate, we’re offering Double Delight on EVERY game and Hat-Trick Heaven on ALL televised games this season!

Get your first TD scorer bets on with us and if your man lands the first then grabs a second, we’ll double your odds! If he scores a hat-trick, we’ll treble them!

We kicked things off in style on opening night as a Rob Gronkowski-inspired New England Patriots ran out 28-21 winners against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Gronkowski got the first touchdown of the game and went on to score a hat-trick, meaning we TREBLED his odds from 4/1 to 12/1 – and you can get that kind of value all season long on TV games!

Noel - always check oddschecker, Fred tend to have lower odds on some of the most popular players for obvious reasons (Gronk was 6’s elsewhere). Multiple TD scorers happen less often than you think - its a nice bet when it happens though as you tend to get about three quarters of the game hoping your man scores again.

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Not sure if I’ve read this right, but it looks like Ladbrokes have got a first TD offer - double the odds if the first TD is in the first 10 minutes of the game. Seems a decent offer if so, i may be tempted to,give them my business today!

Turns out the Ladbrokes offer is real, but only for a few selected games. Anyway, I’ve gone for:

HOU@ CAR - Nate Washington 16/1
SF@ PIT- Anquan Boldin 12/1
BUF v NE - Tyrod Taylor 18/1
CIN v SD - Gio Bernard 12/1
NYG v ATL - Shane Vereen 12/1
STL @ WAS - Jared Cook 11/1

Just some little doubles and trebles for fun watching the 6:00 slate of games.
Good luck in your fantasy games (except Sean), and good luck to anyone else who’s got a bet on!!

Good Spot Jon - I rarely venture on to Ladbrokes website as it very frustrating to use.

I’ve had a bet on Jordan Matthews in the Philly game & Jimmy Graham in the late game, 15/2 & 8-1. I would suspect both games have a better than average chance of a TD in the first 10 mins.

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Anything I touch turns to pooh - seems my whole Patent may blow up and my all in on Tennessee at +2 is going down the pan. I can’t catch a break and as for Lads I am locked out have been for ages think I used to have an account with them and as I joined again think they have linked this when I forgot password so that’s toast. Arr well best stick to fantasy - but even that I been messing up!