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Week 17 bets

Last week of the regular season… lots of random factors in the games this week so I am not going heavy on anything.

  1. £30 acca on the Bears, Texans, 49ers, Cowboys to win
    I think the Bears and 49ers are reasonable prices for coin toss games. Texans really should win, as the better team, at home. And Dallas as I think the Redskins will rest players.

  2. £25 on the Giants being the highest scoring team (from a list of 8: ARI, CIN, DEN, GB, KC, NO, NYG, PHI)
    Think the Giants and Eagles could be a shootout, and I prefer the Giants to win the game. Slightly wary of NO if the Falcons crash back to earth after last week…

  3. £15 on Jeremy Maclin, Isaiah Crowell, Reuben Randle all scoring a TD - all on scoring form in recent weeks, hoping it lasts one more week!

Looking forward to kicking back with a beer and 7 hours of football from 6 till 1 tonight (doubt I will stay up for the late show in the NFC North). Not sure yet if I will go for the crack cocaine that is Redzone or pick a game…

Stick your bets on here - and lets win ourselves a betting bank to attack the playoffs with !!
:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Ho hum, no money for Jon :frowning:

Got two out of three on the TD scorers - and I was right that Giants / Eagles would be high scoring but guessed the wrong winner. Ah well, glad, I didn’t lump on anything!