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Week 11 bets

Today I’m going for -


Pays about 8/1

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Sounds a fair shout. Best of luck!

I’m a bit out of touch after my holiday so just having a fun 1st TD bet, on Frank Gore, Jordan Cameron and Vincent Jackson. Plus an extra single on Zach Ertz.

13/2 Treble

Ravens -2.5
Eagles -5.5
Seahawks -12.5

Not my ideal ATS teams but 13/2 seems like a good value bet with Boylesports.

I really like the Bears +2. What if Denver’s Offense issues are not simply down the Manning? Their O Line was listed as one of the worst coming into the season. Cutler & Fox will be gunning for the Broncos who are better at home, so the Bears +2 and Bears moneyline looks good to me.

I can’t agree with that dean as I see Broncos as a banker today.
Think Broncos will get the run game going today and osweiler is much more mobile, plus the Bears D is not very good. Throw into that Jeffery been out I think cutler will struggle against the leagues best defense.
We’ll soon find out, good luck

Just heard that Jeffrey is out, that changes everything. I’m relying on Martellus Bennett now (thats never a good situation to be in)

Yeah I got to stop making early bets - I just can’t help myself - impatient - but with the Jeffery news and my gut as the week went on I turned from favouring the Bears to fancying Denver but once bets on Accumulators and what have you am kind of in a pickle. :frowning:

Also gutted to have £20 on the AJ Green Under (75.5 Receiving Yards) to just miss by 3.5 yards - his 4th and last catch was for 10 yards. :sob:


Rams were up by 10 in the 4th quarter, gutted!

Surprised you picked that AJ Green Prop. He’s really good and the Bengals were due to be slinging it. Did you do the Chris Johnson bet (under 80.5)? I thought that was the best one on Brads list.
I did one of my own (Cobb over 60.5) that was a bad bet, he hardly featured

Glad I managed to get cash back on the Bears bet, it was looking grim for most of the last quarter.

Nope alas I didn’t and if you see my stupid last min heart bets on Premiership earlier tonight I am well down and could be even worse if NE don’t win tonight as have £200 on a Panthers/Patriots win double.

At least you know the Pats will give it everything and it won’t be down to bad coaching like some NFL teams.

Despite last weekends games all looking a bit too close to call, in the end I had a double on the Texans & Cowboys and a treble on the Chiefs, Seahawks and Packers - both won! Then went with the Bengals at 2.75 thinking they were really undervalued… and up until their last play they should have basically won the game :expressionless:

The moral of this story: Romo!

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