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Ways to watch NCAA football

I am hoping to watch more college football this coming season and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for the best resources for watching the games. Is there something along the same lines of Fan Pass?

Do sky or bt show any of the games? I think I briefly remember some games being on bt.

BT Sport/ESPN show around 8 games a week

If you suscribe to ESPN player you will have access to pretty much any college game you want but last season for me it seemed to freeze for some games and I had to keep refreshing my browser which was pretty annoying.

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Awesome cheers.

Yeah that really annoys me too! Super fast fibre optic broadband and still streaming sites stutter. Does my head in. I have MLB at bat and it does it sometimes. They should invest in better tech or something, hehe.

I usually have both BT and the ESPN Player
The Player is basic however it is making a bit of a comeback as they reacquired some rights

In reality I watched very little on the player as BT had the best games each week
With NFL the next day and FF where you’d want to watch the pre shows the college window shrinks incredibly

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Yeah BT Sport have quite a few games on, especially good on a Saturday night in between the NFL games!

I watched a few last year - I’m taking Michigan as my team!

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I’ve been reading quite a lot of love for them at the minute in some betting circles.

I’ve been watching the games on BT Sport/ESPN, they do show a ton of them, and all the Bowl games. I’m not quite into college football enough to subscribe to ESPN player, but BT Sport are pretty amazing value these days with the amount of NBA and NCAA games they show, not to mention all the UFC PPVs and a couple of EPL games each week.

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Jim Harbaugh had really put them back on the map… The rivalries with Michigan State and Ohio State are a good watch.

Still don’t completely understand the NCAA tournament…

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