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War Room 2016

Guys n Gals…

As some of you will recall that last year I arranged a simple little money game for round one of the draft. This mainly took place at my gaff but included some online players too. I just want to let you know early that I will NOT be running the game this year. We are finally in the process of moving house and I have some time consuming work obligations to meet over the next few months so its going to be an extremely busy time. Apologies.

While I dont have time to plan the game, respond to queries, manage entries and so forth I have managed to snagg Friday the 29th of April off from work so I am free on the Thursday evening for the 1st round of the draft should anybody else want to host their own war room game or indeed if anybody wants to get together for it, even better.


Be great to get some interest going for an event of some kind

Agreed Sean. The Hipp are doing something and on the basis that fewer will be there for the draft than for the superbowl it might be worth checking out. Alternatively I’m up for taking it in anywhere, just dont have the time to host or plan a money game sadly.

I booked my flight back from Hungary on 28th April on the pre-mise there might be a TFP meet up or draft party somewhere that night so I am 100% in for this and off that week from work as its 2nd week of my holiday. :raising_hand:

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Good man Noel, lets look at doing something, somewhere & in a group of NFL mentalists…