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Video (5) all about handcuffs,waivers and wab

Please watch enjoy and share!!

And keep asking for videos…


Nice Vid Sean, I agree totally. The WAB system is going to actually make the weekly waiver wire action interesting for the first time ever.

Cheers mate the wab will create a fascinating league in my view and add a brilliant element to the mix…

So do you like Knile Davis or not😃

Actually I’m glad you covered the WAb as I have a QQ - can we trade points for players too?

Not under the wab system points cannot be traded !!

Another great vid, good work Sean! I’d like to see something on strength of schedule (positionally) if you get a chance

Yes strength of schedule will be done next!!

Sean that was great, I’m glad that you didn’t gloss over the ‘major’ change to WWAB, you seem to have alluded to the gravity this adjustment brings to our league. As I said previously I’m not in favour and will type my reasons up when I get the chance. I think this modification is huge and needs to be seriously considered and discussed before implementing. I suspect everyone voted for this simply to get away from last years system which was the only negative for most in our inaugural year.

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Tactically the changes are excellent and add a dynamic I like however it’s not a simple fix.
There are a number of things to consider…
I’m basically in favour of it however coaches must consider the ramifications in full.
I’m fully prepared to use this rule change and have a plan to implement my grand scheme. However this change effectively means there are no quick fixs for teams struggling. You have to consider what you are doing at every step…

Thats a fair point Sean, while the new system makes it fairer in a sense, those struggling will find it harder to get back in the race.

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I’m interested to hear what others think

I think it offers more strategies so in a way should make the league more competitive in the sense that there is more instruments to play with - I’m new to the system so in many ways it’s hard to predict the impact but as we are a fairly large league I’ll welcome it , last season was certainly not all about the draft and that’s the direction I’d like it to go

Shani - that’s an interesting last sentence. I wonder if everyone agrees? In an ideal world I’d like the draft to be the main element to success. Its the one fantasy football aspect I want to spend most time revising and preparing for, then let the game run.

I’d rank the main elements of the game as:-

  1. Draft
  2. Correct weekly line-up
  3. Strategy for bye weeks and money weeks (play-offs)
  4. Trades
  5. Waiver Wire Pick Ups

My points are qualified Dean by referencing it to being a fairly large league so the talent is spread thinner and the ideal to me is to have start em sit up headaches rather than waiver ones!

The draft is for me unquestionably the most important factor and gives you the best chance of winning or losing the season when compared to the other facets of the game. I agree with Dean, that’s the way it should be. However nothing should outweigh any of the other facets to the point that any of them become minor. The more elements to the game the more interesting the season will be.

I agree with you wholehartedly

The draft sets the coarse then it’s all about keeping it going or building success.

This new system will help keep things interesting

Yet another interesting one, Sean - you should charge for these!

As a Chiefs fan, I disagree with you about Knile Davis. Love the guy but I see him as a big step down from JC. He is a great guy to have as a backup but I don’t see him as an RB1.
JC was 2nd among RBs last year in touchdown per touch, which is a nice efficiency stat for fantasy. Also, 12% of his touches went for a loss or zero gain which was the best in the league - by comparison Knile had 25% going for zero or worse which was at the bottom end. Appreciate I am cherry picking stats but he’s a back up for a reason…

The waiver change is an interesting one. I agree with Dean in that I voted for change because I was grumpy about the default waiver setting last season. I had a 2-0 start so in a 16 team league that meant I was penalised for a good start and not getting any waiver pick ups! That doesn’t mean WAB is any better, but for now I am preparing for the season with WAB in mind.

Also agree that the old system was biased towards letting players with losing records claw back, and the new one doesn’t do this. I wonder if the W-L records will be more polarised this season because of the change?

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Thanks Jon you are spot on about knile but as a handcuff he is a number one or arguably a number one.
I do believe a high end player if in the right system once he is a free agent but I’m not saying he is jamal charles but he can do a very good job in that system.