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Updating the landing page

I’m starting to talk more and more to new NFL fans in groups on Facebook and am sharing links to TFP - The Fan Pub

However I am conscious the first things that greets them are reviews from the start of last season that stop at NFL Week 8.

I know it’s a lot of work to do such reviews and articles so understand why they stopped but wonder if perhaps more up to date articles could be posted there such as links to this years proposed live fantasy drafts up and down the country or more generic pictures - as first impressions count and want them to actually click along on the chat or the forum options as opposed to closing the page thinking it’s not really in use anymore as nothing recent is showing at first glance.

Maybe links to Al and Sean’s fantasy podcasts when (if) they start those up again?

I myself to help will go and see if I can find long posts I did back in the day on NFLUK about how I got into the NFL or past trips stateside in case fan posts might be better as they don’t really go out of date as they is history and the stories remain the same. Maybe someone could talk about the TFP community and how this site/group has made you new friends and the meets we have done in the past around Thanks Giving, the live offline fantasy drafts and the Super Bowl?

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Yep, well aware of this and something that’s been on the back of my mine for the last 6+ months. I couldn’t keep up writing the weekly previews after week 8, just too busy with work and I was kind of hoping it would spur some other people on the forum or Discord to start posting themselves, but not really (however @Alan_Feelers and @Outsiders68 did a cracking job with the podcast last season and hopefully they’ll revive it this season too!).

I’ll see what happens with thefanpub.com closer to the start of the new season, ideally it would be good to have some fresh content there (even if it doesn’t need to be time sensitive), if not I might tweak it a bit to mostly focus it on driving people to go to either the forum or download the Discord chat app.

But, TFP is a community so if anyone has ideas or wants to contribute themselves, they always can (and they can literally post articles directly on thefanpub.com with the Submit A Post button on the front page).

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My 2p worth

Chat is where the majority of activity is, pretty much everyone on there at the moment is an enthusiast whether a novice or a pro. We all like to articulate our knowledge and it’s the leagues and competitions we enter in to that drive us to comment. One issue with that is we are often I’m competition with each other and so often hold back on gems of information!

Someone posted a really neat question on PEDs it got two or three responses, but i think most people were distracted by the draft in another channel. To me all you need to do is to have an info landing page and an easy or easier way to get folk on to the chat. If you did a topic of the day or week as a channel and posted an intrigui g topic such as PED use , concussion , a retiring player etc etc I think.current and newbies would be given a forum to share what they think and get involved.

This would mean thinking of something new each week but take away the pressure of creating loads of content for the home page. To me the home page should just be Introductory with Sean Al podcast plus maybe competition info that’s it with the main focus of driving traffic into chat

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How about we allocate the reviews around the TFP members, that way the burden would be shared? Could add in some betting angles etc to widen the potential readership.

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