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UEFA EURO 2016 Panini Online Sticker Album

Okay so I’m a big kid but this was quite fun and relaxing after a stressful day at work when I did it on the Brazil World Cup so as they have just launched it again for the Euro’s in France have signed up (it’s free) and set up a TFP collector group for swapping should anyone else on here be doing it to.

Play Now - Panini on-line sticker album

Team ID : 503

Password : peel-me-off

:soccer: I found this code that anyone can use to get a free pack :soccer: :


& now found more on Facebook:


Cool - don’t think I will be doing an online album, but this post has reminded me to maybe get a real album and a few packs of stickers. Got a full album from 2004 and 2008, but don’t think I ever got around to it for some reason in 2012.

And I have made plans to get out to France for a few days to catch a couple of games and have a bit of the old Vin Rouge while I am at it !! :wine_glass:

My kids collect and it can be quite expensive. Think this year I will buy a box of Panini off Amazon as works out a bit cheaper. Always good fun to hide the packets round the house for them to look for


Felt like a big kid this morning went to the shops and bought the new Star Wars dvd and then in the paper shop they were giving these free albums out and so I just had to buy 6 packets to get me going. I just know I’m going to try and collect them all now! Good fun, brings back a wave of memories of youth these stickers do and also builds to the excitement of the tournament.


I finished the on-line album but won’t do the off-line one as I did the World Cup one but never finished it - so if anyone has any spare stickers left from Brazil 2014 I to have a stack of spares and wouldn’t mind trading seeing if I can finish it off all be it late!