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UEFA Champions League 2022-23 / Fantasy Football - Money League

Entry Fee - £5 GBP

Alas the Telegraph has not had a Champions League fantasy football game since the 2018/19 season and I miss paying attention to CL games, so have finally had to source an alternative fantasy CL game. I’ve decided to have a go at the official UEFA one. I’ve read the rules and it’s really different to how TFFE was, but it is what it is.

To just have a little interest and as it is the Champions League have decided to make my private mini league just a small entry fee ( £5 ) and give all the money to (drum roll) ‘The Champion’ - hence my private mini league is called ‘WINNER TAKES ALL’.

With the Champions League group stages less than a week away from starting you will need to be on the ball (pun intended) and read the game-sites rules (if new to this website/game) and get your entry sorted before the first rounds deadline of 6 September 2022 - 17:45 UK time.

That’s it - please feel free to forward this information (link bottom right of posts) on to anyone who you feel might like to take part - as it’s more the merrier which equals a bigger prize pot for the eventual champion!

Mini League Name: WINNER TAKES ALL
Super League Code: 21VR6OHN10

If you don’t know the score regards paying entry fee(s) for my fantasy games or have forgotten, then just drop me a PM (Private Message) form here (TFP forum) to ask for the details - remember to include your e-mail address - and I’ll send my payment instructions e-mail (it’s important you pay attention to what’s written within it and follow what it says - I have a template e-mail saved explaining all which I send out upon request).

Best regards,

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)
Fan Pub Founding Member

Link to game-site (without automatically joining my league): UCL Fantasy Football overview

Just to confirm I got 11 entries for this league and all have paid so it’s £55 to the eventual winner!

2022/23 PRIZE - (11 teams)

Winner Takes All - £55