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Two ESPN leagues drafting soon

Evening all,
A mate called Neil Chester has asked me to publicise a couple of leagues where he has spaces (he is commish of a dynasty league that I am in - he is also a player in a different league with both me and Andy A)

League 1
Free entry
12 teams, 5 spaces currently available
1 point PPR for all positions
Drafting Sunday 25 August 20:30

League 2
Free entry
12 teams, 3 spaces currently available
Keeper league
(…keep up to 2 players but lose Round 1 and Round 2 draft picks to do so)
(…I do not know if this league has already been running previously and has keepers already available)
0.5 point PPR for all positions
Drafting Sunday 1 September 20:30

Neil can be contacted at nchester1972 - at - gmail - dot - com if you are interested in either league

cheers, Jon

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