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TV, Films and Box Sets

Anyone else a lover of such - I must confess other than sports its one of my favourite past times - getting stuck into a good film or TV series.

Recently I just been trying Now TV (£7.99 per month) to stream their shows online via the internet and its great - no viruses and no adverts. I tried this Norwegian show called Occupied and binged watched it around World Cup games - I really don’t mind foreign language shows as long as they have English subtitles. Im now on Series 2 Episode 4 already (9 parts per series 45mins a pop). Really good about the Russians occupying Norway (set now).

Any way I actually run 3 Groups on Facebook where I review anything I finish watching and try to generate discussions - share trailers I’ve found online for films I want to see - when they come out - been a lot of those lately - City of Lies, 603 Squadron, The Happytime Murders, Mile 22, Sicario 2, The Equaliser 2, Reprisal and The First Purge to name just some that have peaked my interest from their trailers I’ve come across online.

Any way my groups are open to anyone that wants to join them:

I don’t have a card anymore but still use this group to post reviews for the occasional film I see at the big screen and posting trailers for new films coming out (like all the ones I mentioned earlier).

NOEL’s Small Screen Movie review group
Any films I stream over the internet or watch on TV I post a review and mark out of 10 in here.

NOEL’s Box Set & TV Series review group
Any TV series or box sets I finish get reviewed and rated in here.

NOEL’s Recommended Documentary Group
Last but not least documentaries that I found interesting get shared and discussed in here.(& anyone else is welcome to do likewise).