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Trip of a lifetime

Hey Guys,

Just want to shout out about the trip to DC which Anders, his buddy Frank and myself went on for thanksgiving…

There were a lot of “firsts” for me personally, it was my first time in the US and therefore my first US game and tailgate. We were extremely lucky with the weather with an avg of about 15 degrees for the first few days. It rained on the morning of the game but cleared up real nice during the tailgate and for the game itself. We mixed in with some great folks at the tailgate who fed us, shared drinks & all raised a glass to us having coming all the way from the UK, everybody was super friendly! We even bumped into Reggie Evans, a former skins RB! We met other fans after the game, many seemed to have genuine thoughts about coming over for the possible 2 x redskins games in London next year.

The game itself was superb, it must have taken a few days to get our voices back :smiley: Probably from shouting “You Like That”!! @ every decent play made on the skins side. Amazing to go all that way and get the W, amazing fun all round.

I found DC a really impressive city, I’m normally a good time guy with not much notion for site seeing but the buildings and monuments were really impressive, the people in general came across really nice and the Smithsonian was really a great visit.

Oh… one more thing… another first and probably last for me… Ander’s being the great dude he is managed to sort out Business class on the A380 both ways for peanuts… Amazing experience all round, as the title suggests, a trip of a lifetime!! Thanks again Anders!




Sounds brilliant! Post a few more pics on here when you have them.

In 2020, we will all go out to the States before week 1, have our live TFP Originals draft in a US sports bar, and then go as a group to the opening night Thursday night game !!

(I’m assuming @TheOnlySimon will have won enough on his accas to fund all of this by that point!!!)


I heard about Simon’s nice win over there, very cool!

Still sorting through the pics, will likely post some soon.


+1 for this, count me in :smile: