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Top 10 Running Backs

So tomorrow I’ll be taking a look at who I think will make up the top 10 running back spots for the 2015 season from a fantasy perspective as part of my blog.

Would be interesting to hear who everyone thinks would make their own list. Any curve balls?

I think 6 or 7 names would be the same on everyone’s list. I have a few floating around the end of the top 10 - for example Justin Forsett - that I am working out where to place on my list. Will be interested to see what you come up with, and just as importantly why!

I like Forsett this year. Look at the impact Trestman had on Forte. I honestly think Forsett could be huge in PPR leagues.

I believe there are two not likely to be on your list who could make into the top ten …however I’m not going to mention it here lol

But I will do a video on this Some point… Be interesting to see your ten…

Justin forsett is on the cusp of the top ten agreed

I wonder if we are thinking the same person…

The beauty of our blog is that it’s a collated list so a guy I think who may make the top 10 the other two may not agree with me so he won’t make it.

All I’ll say is I have a certain running back who runs behind the best O line in the entire NFL in my own personal top 10 :wink:

Well that’s a Cowboy RB then!

Its easy to think so Noel & I imagine your correct but recently there have been others who have claimed to be better on past seasons form and others who claim to be up their based on improvements made this off season.

Ok so our blog article is live, to be honest, not many a great surprise in our overall top 10 but certainly a couple in our individuals.


A great list and fair but I know many will have the order different in many places but I like the list a lot…

Good work

Thanks Sean.

I honestly didn’t think we’d have the 3 same number 1 back…we’ll be doing receivers next week, I doubt very much we will agree on the number 1 there. Could be anyone from 6!

Looks a solid list although I’m very surprised Demarco Murray didn’t even make the top 10. Other than that, all the names you’d expect.

I’ll be very happy at the end of the year if you are right about Jamaal !

Personally speaking Jon I see a bit drop off for him this year. Obviously Andy has him in his top 10 but as it’s a collated list he didn’t make the cut!

One of the guys I think will do very well this year is Forsett, particularly in PPR leagues.