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Tom Brady wants his cake and to eat it too

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Hi All,

So TB has apparently said that he will take the battle further should his game ban not be lifted and yet he is (according to some reports) willing to accept a fine. In my eye’s he is guilty of breaking the rules of the game, it may not be a critical rule which he broke but if all rules are not upheld what are you left with!? Now with him advising (apparently) that he is accepting of a fine surely his ability to take the process further is thrown out of the window?

Totally with Brady on this. The investigation against him pretty much set out to find him guilty rather than properly uncover the facts, it was all rather bullshitty. I mean, he’s probably guilty, but the NFL’s process is a joke.

Goodell has himself entirely to blame. Bigger punishments for alleged ball deflation than beating up women and children. The NFL needs to sort itself out. At least on the field they make the right calls 99% of the time (thanks to a thousand video replays). Though Dez totally caught it!

hehe, I appreciate your thoughts dude.

Marshall Faulk was recently asked about the comparison of the offenses you mention and I agreed with his take on it. Its v difficult to compare the two offenses as one was breaking of the rules “in game” and therefore 100% taking the integrity of the sport itself into question and the other, while so much more brutal was 100% outside the game and much more a case for the law enforcers to deal with.

Everybody will have their own view and I appreciate all. I just cant understand how a player can say he is accepting of one type of punishment (much more suited to himself) and yet threaten to take the proceedings further should the ban not be changed or lifted.

I like your joke about the “should have been catch” ; )

We all love Tom Brady, don’t we???

Ironic perhaps that he is now the top selling name in merchandice

I see that Goodell has just upheld Brady’s suspension and will miss the first four games of the season.

I am surprised, I thought he was going to have the suspension reduced or just handed a fine.

I appreciate your view, I am not at all surprised however…

The apparent suggestion that TB was willing to accept a heavy fine but no game ban was the cry of a guy losing the battle, not only does it indicate guilt but it prevents success at a higher level in regards to court.

We also really have to consider some of the statements and points made by the accused organisation over the period which if they had been said by anybody other than Super Tom’s defense would have caused cries of laughter in even the most depressed of rooms. The latest peace of news that I have heard is at least suspect… TB killed his mobile phone during the investigation (after refusing to hand it over when requested) going on to say that its normal practice for him to do this when he buys a new handset. Maybe so but to all those not in love with terrific Tom it does not look good!

Ultimately TB has had such a squeaky clean image and built such a huge fan base over the years that a lot of people are surprised right now. Personally, given all the peaces of information that I have heard I would have been disappointed in the sport had RG let Brady reclaim some game time. I actually think TB and the patriots have got off lightly and I’m happy that the game I love has stood firm v player & franchise… Even if it did take them too long.

Leveon Bell get his verdict two, finally

Here , here Gordon spot on my friend

It gets worse or funnier, depending on how you look at it, Tom apparently killed his phone on the day that the investigation begun. lol…

The NFL have come out of this looking like a bit of a joke to be fair. There is zero evidence of any wrong doing and the NFL gave out the ban before any sort of process.
For some reason they was quick to accuse and leak this so called offence days after the championship game. This is the same organisation that kept quiet the Ray Rice incident after all.

Just realised I’ve got my Brady shirt on while posting the previous message, lol

Hi Otley, thanks for posting. Its always good to share opposing views with people who are mature enough not to take offence : )

In retort I would suggest that there is no evidence currently because TB took his phone (while he knew that the NFL wanted to see it) and totally demolished it.

I would expect an innocent man with nothing to hide on his phone would use his phone to stenghten his own case but alas Brady took another option, likely for his own reasons.

I personally think the 2 equipment managers are going to become key down the line and I’m pleased with RG who (rightly imo) is punishing TB for lack of co-operation.

Each to their own eh ; )

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Like you say, it’s different views or opinions.
Which I’m afraid is not enough to convict a potentially innocent man of any wrong doing. Maybe there is doubt because he got a new phone but who knows, where just guessing.
Great to have a debate with you.


I’ve recently got a new phone, got rid of the old one due to over use of streaming porn hub! LOL, maybe Brady did the same.

lol, they say that whenever you see a beautiful woman there is a man nearby who is bored of ^)* her. I wonder if thats true when its Gisele…