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Tipping Services

Anyone ever used one?

I have just seen this one via a link on Twitter and have to say I’m kind of interested - but very sceptical:

Wondered what the communities thoughts here are?


What more tips do we possibly need.
I have Gordon for Golf, Anders for Tennis, Jon for Dogs, Adam for Basketball, George for lower league football and you for NFL !!

You also have me scoping almost every betting website for value offers and bets so no way do you need to pay for a tipping service.

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Never keen on any site that’s selling tips, plus “we guarantee profits from betting” is clearly the biggest bullshit line.

A daily/weekly betting tips site (or thread on this forum?) might be kind of cool though, but I guess most sites either try to charge money for tips, or don’t want the attention from bookies (if their tips work too much) or potentially customers (if their tips are bad).

Putting our own tips on a thread in here would be cool, I normally put mine on twitter if anywhere, but would be good to see what the rest of you are betting on in case I decide to ride to a fortune on your advice!

For starters, I am on Wigan (-8) and Widnes (+18) in a handicap double in tomorrow night’s Rugby League!

Well I’ve lost a fortune so wanted a way back to black - if you follow that link they seem to have posted their past tips and have a quite large hit rate… so was kinda curious as I seem to be a terrible picker!

If you want to get serious give these guys a go, I have considered it for at least 10 years now as they claim to offer a nice 2nd income. Not cheap but the most authentic service I have seen without actually joining…