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Third fantasy video "trades"

As requested!!



Just to give a bit of context… the Bell/Lacey trade also included Moreno who looked pretty good but then hurt his pinky in the first minute he got back from injury!

That threw my plans out and then I panic traded to give lacey back for some more depth which in hindsight in a 16 team league was a mistake.

It all kinda stemmed from Montee Ball having a shocker really… and to think I could have picked Beast Mode or Murray! I deserved the wooden spoon just for that lol

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Jesus Christ, thinking about the draft and players of last season has got me craving for this season now!

I was doing so well…

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Thanks for the insight on this and your input!! Hope your well

Any time :wink:

Btw, where are you filming these? The video wall in the background looks awesome!

I think the most exciting thing about the second season is what we’ve all learnt:

  1. To Simon’s point above, how being in a 16 team league differs to a normal 10/12 team league and how this changes player value/strategy
  2. We’ve also learnt more about each others characters and traits where as this time last year most of us didn’t even know each other…

Great stuff and totally agree one question

Are the videos of any use?

Great post Sean, keep them coming, its certainly helping to build the excitement for Draft Day. Eiskrap is right, I suspect we have all learned a great deal from last season (I’ve honestly never got so involved with NFL Fantasy, despite my dismal finishing position).
Unfortunately I think trading is the key to winning the league, no coincidence that the two finalists pulled off some very wise transfers.

Cheers dean that great hearing this I will try to push a video out every week!!

I started off well re trades last season but then started a new trend in trading for IR bound players.

More great stuff Sean, intriguing to hear how your interest in Bell went back to the previous season. No substitute for in depth knowledge of the stats!

Really interesting to watch - and I think a few people have commented on how tricky trades are to get right, so it is fair play to be happy with how you did last season.
Out of the four corners of redraft fantasy play, I am broadly happy with my drafting and my waiver wire efforts, so-so with my weekly line up setting - but my trading has let me down in more than one league. Last year in our league I hung on too hard to Megatron when offered some good trade deals (thought he would bounce back sooner), but traded away Antonio Brown too cheaply (got spooked by a few concussion rumours!)

Keep it up - looking forward to the next one!

Megatron has set high standards no doubt but his so called down years he always seems to bounce back!! I expect this will be a good year for him.
Antonio brown was a great draft move on your part last year !! But it’s easy to get spooked by rumours we have all done that!!

Feedback - maybe it’s just me but with this video I find the intro music loud so turn my speaker down but then when it’s over and you start talking it’s now to quiet so then turn the sound back up to original level - not sure if perhaps the settings are off - not making vids myself I don’t know but it seems like an imbalance in the rec level as one is louder than the other.

However on the content and all that I like it but your schooling the whole league making us all better - not sure I like that lol!

Am sharing your vids on NFLUK (well links to them) - hope that’s cool.

Yes you are corect video levels are off my mistake should have adjusted them better. Failed that on this video…
My hope was no one would spot this oh well…
Also I’m great believer in sharing knowledge…

All of the Betfair Boys had a shocker last season, we are going to have a group huddle to ensure at least one of us makes the playoffs next season. Lessons have been learned and we will adapt!

I’m looking forward to the second season far more than the first!?

Not that I didn’t enjoy it because I did but the second year debates have to be settled!!

I wanted the ring last season - and I don’t like being denied so want it this year… now Betfair Boys - some of you knew each other before my league - I mean online in other avenues of betting maybe?

Kinda, we were on the Betfair forum and playing in the leagues on there, I’m actually in the same league as Dean (for the past 2 or 3 years).

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Tittsburgh Feelers (Alan & Chris)
Minimum Effort max Reward (Simon)
West Yorkshire Printers (me)

Are all regular players from Betfair leagues (we are far more successful there!!)

I’m so conflicted, I want the draft to start, I want it to be the end of August already but then I realise I’m wishing away the summer…