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Thefanpub.com fantasy football podcast episode #22 – Discussing all the latest fantasy news, a look at the top fantasy performances and much more

Originally published at: http://www.thefanpub.com/podcast/thefanpub-com-fantasy-football-podcast-episode-22-discussing-all-the-latest-fantasy-news-a-look-at-the-top-fantasy-performances-and-much-more/
Our final episode of the season. We talk about Superbowl contenders, and round up injuries and interesting stories from week 13.

@Alan_Feelers @Outsiders68 - great first years guys, really well done. Enjoyed listing to the pair of you drivelling on, I had a few comments for next season…

  • definitely do this next season

  • definitely consider keeping this going in the offseason, even if it is less frequent
    …maybe something in Feb to sum up the postseason, then one pre and one post the draft, then a pre season fantasy primer show and a pre season season-long predictions show

  • do more but fewer podcasts
    …realise this may be a hassle for you guys, but 30 - 45 minutes is my own sweet spot
    … maybe have a review show early in the week and a preview show later in the week?
    …would be good to have more distinct sections of the show (previews / reviews, fantasy news, betting thoughts)
    … you do this a little bit already, eg having Al quizzing Sean on stats which is good
    …add in guests for season 2 (either live, or pre recorded segments?)

  • like the fact that this has a British flavour / tone - you are not just imitating US shows

  • maybe have a podcast competition - something like the Pick Em competition which is run by the nfl website - could be a way to increase involvement and interaction - also a way to measure active listeners?

  • think you have both been good hosts - knowledgeable and engaging, lots of opinions which I don;t always agree with! and you don’t come over as reading from a script which you get on some podcasts

  • the show feels a bit too insular sometimes – a lot of references to TFP people and leagues – begs the question, who is the podcast for? For our established group, or to engage a wider market? I wouldn’t lose this but maybe tone it down

cheers guys :clap:

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Cheers Jon great feedback

Thanks Jon. Hopefully we can get a few more of you involved. There is a way of writing and publishing articles using the format in which we publish the podcast. So that definitely worth exploring. we have lots to think about going forward as to changes in format and finding out what people want/like. this is where you great feedback is invaluable so many thanks