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The play-off teams

With week 17 finished, the play-off contenders are set.

The NFC play-off teams are:
Seattle Seahawks (1st seed, 12-4-0)
Green Bay Packers (2nd seed, 12-4-0)
Dallas Cowboys (3rd seed, 12-4-0)
Carolina Panthers (4th seed, 7-8-1)
Arizona Cardinals (5th seed, 11-5-0)
Detroit Lions (6th seed, 11-5-0)

The AFC play-off teams are:
New England Patriots (1st seed, 12-4-0)
Denver Broncos (2nd seed, 12-4-0)
Pittsburgh Steelers (3rd seed, 11-5-0)
Indianapolis Colts (4th seed, 11-5-0)
Cincinnati Bengals (5th seed, 10-5-1)
Baltimore Ravens (6th seed, 10-6-0)

The wildcard weekend games will go like this…

Saturday 3rd Jan
Ravens @ Steelers
Bengals @ Colts

Sunday 4th Jan
Cardinals @ Panthers
Lions @ Cowboys