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THE NBL (NFL.com) HISTORY, RULES & RECORDS - Year 13 (2017)


Keeper Deadline Date: locked - but can PM me from league and I will manually adjust

Live Draft Date:

Saturday, Sep 9, 2017 at 6:30pm EDT / 11:30pm BST

(Snake style draft)

Full NBL settings can be viewed here: The NBL League Settings


I first set this league up in 2005 as I wanted to play Americans at their own game and show British peeps could be just as good - if not better at their fantasy football.

I was also fed up with owners giving up or not playing out the season - hence the leagues name (born out of frustration). Over the years I have replaced owners that didn’t set line ups and modified my internal rules to create what has become a very competitive league.

The key element being a 50/50 make up of team coaches from the UK & USA (8 Americans & 8 Brits). It makes for a rather nice added rivalry as we all still compete to beat one another but as a side bar whoever wins the Super Bowl also wins a title for their respective nation.


Any sections in boxed and bolded are to bring attention to new or amended internal rules for the forth coming season (as my league is developing year on year) and helps returning team coaches to quickly find what’s new or changed from the previous season.


From season 8 this league introduced IDP’s (Individual Defensive Players instead of the traditional block Defense) along with draft pick trading and keepers that kicked in from season 9. Keepers come from your finishing squads as they were the end of the previous season - so worth long term planing and taking note of the following keeper rules…


Each owner/team will be allowed to keep up to a maximum of 2 players however only one from each side of the ball (Ofense/Defense). So in effect if keeping 2 players one has to be an IDP. You do not have to keep any players if you so wish, each owner has the choice each year - 0, 1 or 2 players. There will be a keeper deadline before the next years draft so it is each owners responsibility to look out for that deadline as no changes to selection(s) can be made after it.

Any one who does not follow the one from each side of the ball Keeper Rule and tries to keep 2 Offensive players or 2 IDP players will find they only have 1 keeper. The 2nd Keeper choice who ever it is will be over-ridden prior to the draft and be changed to ‘no keeper selected’.

Keepers will cost you the draft position they were drafted in the previous season (regardless of who drafted them). Only exception to this is when the same owner keeps the same player in consectuive seasons - then the player shifts up 1 round per year - unless he’s a first round pick - for obvious reasons. Any player kept that was undrafted the previous year will count as a last round selection.


For those teams that make the playoffs proper (teams finishing 1st-6th), there draft order will be a reverse of the previous years finishing positions as decided by NFL.com - so the previous years champion will still draft last in round 1 (*16th) and the team finishing 6th (*11th). [*excluding draft pick trading]

However I noticed in the dead rubber games some GM’s had a tendency to tank in order to get a more favourable draft position the following season. So to address that from the end of the 2014 season the following changes took affect regarding draft spots from the consolation play-off games.

If you were not in the running for the title (i.e. in the playoffs proper), there was nothing to play for except next years draft position - and the way it was, the worse you did in the dead games, the better your draft pick position the next year. This encouraged GM’s who were out of the playoffs not to try and win, actually often hoping to lose by starting their worst players (just to avoid falling foul of the strike rule, as there’s nothing else riding on those results).

So to correct that anomaly is why I introduced this rule change - making the so called dead rubber games un-dead. Each of these consolation games are now worth winning because your now playing for higher draft spot. As this part of the draft order involving the 10 non- championship playoff teams is inverted - to reward there post season wins, however pointless they may seem at the time.

So the 6 proper playoff teams will still keep their draft positions (16th - 11th).

However the rest (consolation playoff teams) will now go like this…

The team finishing 7th (i.e. best of the non-qualifiers) would have pick #1
The team finishing 8th (2nd best non-qualifier) would have pick #2
And so on, down to the team finishing 16th (worst non-qualifier) would have pick #10

I think this will be good for the league as now tanking for a better draft spot will not fly as the dead rubber games have something riding on them. I feel this should also help with the also ran GM’s trading away their better players with late round draft picks to the playoff bound GM’s who are willing to sell their next seasons chances on winning this year by agreeing to trades involving their bad players but with higher round draft picks from the following season - which is skewing the integrity of the league imho.



WK1 - n/a (Week 2 start)
WK2 - no strikes issued
WK3 - no strikes issued
WK4 - 1 strike (Noel Symonds)
WK5 - no strikes issued
WK6 - no strikes issued
WK7 - no strikes issued
WK8 - no strikes issued
WK9 - 5 strikes issued (Ross Christie x3, Richard Nash & David Landers)
WK10 - 2 strikes issued (Ross Christie x2)
WK11 - 8 strikes issued (Ross Christie x7 & Ian Landers)
WK12 - 1 strike (Brad Rose)
WK13 - no strikes issued
WK14 - 3 strikes issued (Noel Symonds, Richard Nash & Eric Pinney)
WK15 - no strikes issued
WK16 - no strikes issued
WK17 - 2 strikes issued (Brian Lassiter & Michael Kelley)

link to last years Strike Count post (for my reference): NBL 2016 Strikes


THE NBL (NFL.com) Screen Shots

Alas in the early years I never thought this league would be so long running so didn’t keep screen shots - also I didn’t know how to take them in the early days either as I was new to the internet. However I discovered how to do this and took a screen shot of the 2009 Year 5 Super Bowl match. From then on - 2010 (NBL Year 6) I started to take screen shots of the regular season final table, Super Bowl match and the final standings table of the league each year and in much more recent years started to also capture the Championship play-off tree and Super Bowl match recap. These I now share here in this thread to build up a history of this league so that all NBL GM’s past, present or future can view here at their leisure. :football:

NBL Super Bowl V - 2009

NBL Regular Season Standings 2010

NBL Super Bowl VI - 2010

NBL Final Standings 2010

NBL Regular Season Standings 2011

NBL Play Off Tree 2011

NBL Super Bowl VII - 2011

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NBL Regular Season Standings 2012

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NBL Super Bowl VIII - 2012

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NBL Regular Season Standings 2013

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NBL Super Bowl IX - 2013

NBL Super Bowl IX Recap - 2013

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NBL Regular Season Standings 2014

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NBL Super Bowl X - 2014

NBL Super Bowl X Recap - 2014

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NBL Regular Season Standings 2015

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NBL Super Bowl XI - 2015

NBL Super Bowl XI Recap - 2015

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NBL Regular Season Standings 2016

NBL Play Off Tree 2016

NBL Super Bowl XII - 2016

NBL Super Bowl XII Recap - 2016

No Recap for S/B XII (2016) as NFL.com never put it up despite repeated requests

NBL Final Standings 2016

Okay people - my league failed - I hold my hands up it was my poor managing of things this year that caused 3 very active managers to depart in protest on Monday that made me unable to find last minute replacements in time to have the league draft as scheduled last night.

I have spent the last few hours in the settings area at NFL.com to see what options are open to me and am pleased to say I can backdate settings and stats to from before we draft.

For this reason I am making an executive decision that we must draft before the main slate of games start this coming Sunday and furthermore I will go back in and edit settings to start our league from Week 1 - this means it will factor in what happens in tonight’s opening night TNF game. However I am making this clear - it is only one game and people will draft on that basis - this season is already a little affected as the NFL due to the hurricane have moved one game back to week 11 - making Tampa Bay & Miami’s Bye Week 1. So in effect some players will not play week 1 and think this may effect players listed Byes within draft games and cheat sheet lists.

Any way these are the draft date / time options - please vote for ALL that work for you - that way I can pick the one that gets most GM’s live drafting. I have also discovered that the NFL.com draft room does not let you draft on game days - it wouldn’t let me pick a draft time for today originally and it also will not let me pick a time for Sunday so the suggestions some had on the league wall of doing it this Sunday night won’t work.

I will go with the majority when either all GM’s have voted or what is the majority outcome at the end of tonight’s opening game. As in I will set the draft date and time before I go to bed tonight right after the game has finished so all can know when the new draft is set for.

So please if you can vote ASAP as if it gets to a unassailable majority for one of the options I can call it early.

  • Friday 8 SEP 6pm US ET / 11pm UK time
  • Saturday 9 SEP 1pm US ET / 6pm UK time
  • Saturday 9 SEP 4pm US ET / 9pm UK time
  • Saturday 9 SEP 6:30pm US ET / 11:30pm UK time

0 voters

I’ve voted for two - can’t do either of the earlier Saturday slots - and would have to auto draft maybe the first couple of rounds of the late Saturday slot, so my preference would be the Friday time. Unlike the auction league though, I’m happy enough to do the whole thing on autodraft if that’s what the end result is; I’ll definitely be playing one way or the other.

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Thanks for your input Andy and great your on board what ever way it falls. I can guarantee you you will get your keepers in the correct spots this year with the owed value on top from last year to.

However they will be recorded on the keeper list as to where they should be this year (without the adjustments for last years penalty you paid due to me not seeing late keeper selections before draft room populated).

Reorganising the Divisions for 2017…

Week 4 Strikes (x1)

Sad to report The British Bulldogs (Noel Symonds) picks up 1 strike this week for starting RB - Matt Forte - (NYJ) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Fri, Sep 29 at 12:53pm by Rotowire.com

Ruled out Week 4
Forte (toe) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.

Analysis: With Forte out this week, Bilal Powell is in line to see an increased workload in the Jets’ backfield Sunday, with Elijah McGuire next up for carries and newcomer Travaris Cadet also available to work in a reserve role.

Week 9 Strikes (x5)

Extremely sad to report that 5 Strikes are dolled out this week to 3 different GM’s.

Richard Nash - Any Given Sundae (UK) x1 for starting RB - Jamison Crowder - (WAS) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Sat, Nov 4 at 4:37pm by Rotowire.com

Out for Sunday
Crowder (hamstring) was downgraded to out for Sunday’s game against Seattle.

Analysis: With Crowder out, Ryan Grant appears the best candidate to take the slot snaps when Washington is in three-receiver sets. It also just might open up the possibility of Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson playing at the same time in three-receiver formations. None of the Washington wideouts is likely to find much success against Seattle’s corners, but Grant may have the easiest looks when he stays away from Richard Sherman and Shaq Griffin.

Ross Christie - Ebony and Chris Ivory (UK) x3 for starting the following 3 players who where all on Byes:

WR - Keenan Allen (LAC) - on Bye Week
K - Chris Boswell (PIT) - on Bye Week
DL - Deatrich Wise (NE) - on Bye Week

David Landers - DILinator’s Broncos (USA) x1 for starting the following player who was on a Bye:

K - Stephen Gostkowski (NE) - on Bye Week

The latest current GM’s list with strikes can be viewed here: THE NBL League (NFL.com) Current Owners / Wait List - 2017

Week 10 Strikes (x2)

Alas two more strikes issued this week:

Ross Christie - Ebony and Chris Ivory (UK) x2 for starting the following 2 players who were on Byes:

RB - Jay Ajayi (PHI) - on Bye Week
DB - Reggie Nelson (OAK) - on Bye Week

Week 11 Strikes (x8)

Alas eight more strikes issued this week (seven to the same team) :rage::

Ross Christie - Ebony and Chris Ivory (UK) x7 for starting the following 7 players who were on Byes:

QB - C.J. Beathard (SF) - on Bye Week
RB - Marlon Mack (IND) - on Bye Week
WR - Jermaine Kearse (NYJ) - on Bye Week
WR - Donte Moncrief (IND) - on Bye Week
DL - DeForest Buckner (SF) - on Bye Week
LB - Darron Lee (NYJ) - on Bye Week
DB - Matthias Farley (IND) - on Bye Week

Ian Landers - Warrior Cats (USA) WR2 --empty-- - did not start anyone. (x1)

Week 12 Strikes (x1)

Alas one strike is awarded this week to: Bradley Rose - Arian Foster Care (USA) for:

K --empty– - did not start anyone.

Week 14 Strikes (x3)

Alas I have to issue 3 strikes this week to 3 different GM’s.

Yes I hold my hands up - one of them is me as I didn’t get on my PC in time to check all my teams and if I had I would of seen one of my own players was ruled out on Saturday. So as I didn’t win m match up same as anyone else in the NBL I pick up a strike…

Noel Symonds - The British Bulldogs (UK) x1 for starting DL - David Irving - (DAL) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Sat, Dec 9 at 5:36pm by Rotowire.com

Irving (concussion) was officially ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Giants, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports.

Analysis: Irving entered the league-mandated concussion protocol Wednesday and was unable to practice this week. The Cowboys remain a bit thin at defensive tackle with Maliek Collins questionable while still nursing a foot injury, leaving Richard Ash and Lewis Neal likely to see increased workloads Sunday.

Richard Nash - Any Given Sundae (UK) x1 for starting DB - Marcus Peters - (KC) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Wed, Dec 6 at 1:03pm by Rotowire.com

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid announced that he has suspended Peters for Sunday’s game against the Raiders, BJ Kissel of the Chiefs’ official site reports.

Analysis: The cornerback presumably drew the discipline for his actions in the Chiefs’ Week 13 loss to the Jets, during which Peters left the field after thinking that he had been ejected from the contest after picking up an official’s flag and tossing it into the crowd. Through 12 contests this season, Peters has logged 41 tackles, two forced fumbles and three picks, so those who normally roll with him in IDP formats will need to find a replacement in Week 14.

Eric Pinney - Chosen cheesehead (USA) x1 for starting LB - Vonta Burfict - (CIN) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Fri, Dec 8 at 12:19pm by Rotowire.com

Burfict (concussion) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Bears, Katherine Terrell of ESPN.com reports.

Analysis: Burfict never had a shot to play this week after taking a vicious hit from wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster in Monday’s 23-20 loss to the Steelers. The only real concern is the linebacker’s long-term health, given that he needed to be stretchered off the field in Week 13.

Thanks to feedback on the leagues wall I propose to adjust some of the IDP scoring settings down for next year.

This is the current IDP scoring values:

Individual Defensive Players

Tackle: 1 point
Assisted Tackles: 1 point
Sack: 6 points
Defense Interception: 6 points
Forced Fumble: 4 points
Fumbles Recovery: 2 points
Touchdown (Interception return): 6 points
Touchdown (Fumble return): 6 points
Touchdown (Blocked kick): 6 points
Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT): 3 points
Safety: 2 points
Pass Defended: 1 point

And this is what I propose for 2018:

Individual Defensive Players

Tackle: 1 point
Assisted Tackles: 0.5 point (so as this league doesn’t do fractions need 2 to get a point)
Sack: 3 points
Defense Interception: 4 points
Forced Fumble: 2 points
Fumbles Recovery: 2 points
Touchdown (Interception return): 6 points
Touchdown (Fumble return): 6 points
Touchdown (Blocked kick): 6 points
Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT): 1 points
Safety: 2 points
Pass Defended: 0.5 point (so as this league doesn’t do fractions need 2 to get a point)

Week 17 Strikes (x2)

A bit of belated house keeping but even in the consolation post season games you need to try and win for the leagues integrity. Also your playing for a higher draft position but regardless the strike rule still applies so sadly in the final week have to issue 2 strikes this week to 2 different GM’s.

Brian Lassiter - DarKnights (USA) x1 for:

QB --empty– - did not start anyone.

Michael Kelley - Evil Empire (UK) x1 for starting DB - Landon Collins - (NYG) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Tue, Dec 26 at 4:36pm by Rotowire.com

Collins (forearm), who was placed on injured reserve Monday, underwent surgery earlier in the day, Paul Schwartz of the New York Post reports.

Analysis: It was fully expected that Collins would be placed on IR after fracturing his right forearm in Sunday’s 23-0 loss to the Cardinals, but it wasn’t known whether or not he would opt for surgery to address the injury. The procedure likely lengthens Collins’ recovery timetable and could impact his availability for Organized Team Activities, but he should be fully healthy for the start of training camp next summer. Andrew Adams is expected to start at safety in Collins’ place in the season finale against the Redskins.