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The MASTERS (Golf)

I’m not a big golf fan - not even really a follower but something relaxing watching it on TV I found in past late at night so thought I might have a few fun bets.

Just wondered who on here likes golf and will be betting on The Masters?

Who are your fancies - I also noticed a few offers out there -

Betway (min £/€/$5 - max £/€/$20) on your first outright bet on a player to win (or the win part of e/w bets) they will pay you out as a winner if your man is leading end of the first round.

I also noticed Coral and Sky are paying down to 10th on e/w bets (1/5 odds) - though using OddsChecker there odds are worse than most other books so guess ya paying for those extra places in reduced prices.

Also the books that are paying 1/4 odds on each way places the best ones only seem to go down to 6 spots e/w (and they are Unibet and 888Sport).

Best place to see all these prices and offers and make a comparison is as usual OddsChecker (they don’t host every sports books prices but carry about 20 of them):

The Masters 2018 prices (OddsChecker)

So please share your thoughts - help me make a more educated guess. :golf:

Day 18/1

Casey 22/1

Noren 45/1

Pieters 70/1

Cantlay 80/1

Hoffman 100/1

Chappell 125/1

Sharma 175/1

A few each way buttons on these for some passing interest. I don’t go mad on the golf, dead heat rules can be a sucker for each way bets.

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I went a bit mad - don’t even follow golf really but done over £110 in bets - so defo interested to watch this event now.

I found it hard to know whether it’s better to go for best odds or lesser odds but with sportsbooks that pay down further places in the e/w market.

Some books pay e/w 1/4 odds others 1/5 odds - again some pay e/w to 4,5,6,7,8 or 10 places.

I ended up going for the bigger e/w places but the only 2 books I found going to 10 places e/w were Corals and SkyBet - however both of them are only paying 1/5 odds e/w and generally were much skinner on their prices compared to elsewhere.

For instance Thomas Pieters who you went for I also did but only got 50’s with SkyBet - could and still can get 70’s elsewhere but not in e/w markets paying down to 10th place.

Any way here’s the prices I got (e/w terms) and Bookies I went with:

JASON DAY - 16/1 - £20 e/w (SkyBet / 10 places - 1/5 odds) = £40

RORY McLLROY - 9/1 - £15 e/w (Coral / 10 places - 1/5 odds) = £30

PAUL CASEY - 22/1 - £10 e/w (Betway / 8 places - 1/5 odds) = £20

THOMAS PIETERS - 50/1 - £5 e/w (SkyBet / 10 places - 1/5 odds) = £10

RYAN MOORE - 70/1 - £5 e/w (Coral / 10 places - 1/5 odds) = £10

THOMAS PIETERS - 70/1 - 28p e/w (888Sport / 6 places - 1/4 odds) = 56p

Outlay: £110.56 / Return: £42 = Profit / Loss -£68.65 :disappointed_relieved:

Managed to get Rose in the sweep, so no need to back him again.

Casey is my main bet of the week 20/1 , 8 places

Then a few smaller EW bets on Russ Henley (80/1) Jimmy Walker (125/1) Hao-Tong Li (225/1) all 10 places

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Not long to go now but just incase anyone still has or wants to put a few bets on seen this offer on Boyle Sports:

So if ya dude comes 2nd or 3rd get ya stake back as a free bet… (on win singles or the win part of e/w bets).

Terms & Conditions

You might have a chance with Rory that’s about it.

Being new to golf betting I didn’t really understand about the dead-heat rules in e/w spots but found a good guide on SkyBet so thought I’d share a link 9in case anyone else needs to know or wants to bone up how it affects the e/w pay-outs)

Each-way golf betting explained

Rory sadly had a meltdown - gonna be well down when I work this out - will post in a few days how much when I work it out exactly - no desire to right now been a bad weekend betting all around (even the footie didn’t go as I predicted).

On to next week…

Edit I finally worked out my Masters damage and -£68.65 down (would of been worse if Rory hadn’t of placed)!