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The League

So I caught up with Anders today, he practically forced me to sit down and watch episode 1 of the league!!

Cant believe its taken me so long to start watching it. Its basically smut, comedy and fantasy football rolled into one, the best thing ever!!

So I’m not the only one that has his wife manage his team, phew…


I gave up with the league - think I got about 6 or seven episodes in but something just didn’t light my fire about it - wasn’t out and out funny enough for me - each episode to samey but equally not geeky enough for me on the fanto front.

I am a big TV show addict and watch literally about 30 shows at any one time - I mean in rotation - the net is ace for finding free streaming sites here’s one I use that’s not been blocked by my net provider yet (my other one has been but a proxy server gets round that):


I may have to try the League. There were plenty of in jokes about the Shiva and other such things, in the run up to our draft day last year, that I didnt get!

It was a shame you ended up having to pay for season 1 Gordon but I"m glad you finally managed to start watching the show - let’s hope your Netflix account will work on the Xbox soon:-)
Although the season that was shown in autumn last year wasn’t that great I’m still very much looking forward to the final season coming out later this year. I love the mixture of banter, swearing, awkward-moments and cameos from NFL players. Each to their own but I do appreciate a comedy about fantasy footy and without canned laughter.

Thanks dude, I don’t use Netflix anyway so I’m happy it was not playing ball. I’m sure it was a mix up with a previously registered email address rather than the installed app playing up. I could have went found the disk that the league was on and then streamed it across from the desktop to the Pi but that would have wasted far too much time.

I have finished season 1 and I think it really depends on what mood your in, some episodes seemed better than others for sure. I shall be watching the rest soon.

Hey, does our league have a trophy then? We need a great trophy, one where each winner is engraved for the future winners to mull over past champions…