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The I Hate Chip Kelly Club

Ok so maybe hate is a bit strong but am I on my own? Is Chip Kelly all about himself?

He gets rid of all star rated personnel just so that he can bask in all the glory that his supposed wonder system might produce. He talks to the media like he’s 2 levels up just because he can but more than all of that he seems to move players around as if just to leave us all guessing & to drive up the hysteria!

Do I see through him? Do you? Or am I just reading too much into his Shiz?

The system he is developing is brilliant but it’s all about the right chess pieces you just can’t put anyone in…
That’s the issue I have with him he will come down with a bump this year as several of his pieces fall apart…
I want to see him develop further but his attitude sucks no doubt!!

I really don’t like Chip Kelly either - not sure if it’s because his name is Chip (such a redneck name lol) or because he’s part of a team that plays in the same league as the Skins.
I’m not sure his college method of playing is something that is doable in the NFL, as they have less players on each team than college, hence the players will get tired quicker as they have to do more work.
Having said that, I like the debate that it has created and that a lot of other teams are now trying to copy it. Almost similar to the ‘read option’ that RGIII and The Butler successfully carried out in 2012.

Yeh I guess time will tell how the system will go, I come from a golfing background where at any competitive level there should be a high level of etiquette. This appears to be lost on Chip and so I hope his system plummets.

You’re kidding right? Chip is going to give Tim Tebow the starting QB job and it will be awesome. We’ll all be Eagles fans by the time they reach the Superbowl

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Ha Ha Jon, I didn’t think anything could cheer me up tonight but your comment certainly did so :wink:

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Jon, exactly fella… its just so whack…

He is adopting the same set up as Seattle did when Pete Carroll arrived. My way or the highway. I think it’s quite refreshing to have a coach/management who insists the players buy into a system and forget about the over inflated egos most pro athletes currently have.
Who needs a Lebron “I’m the best player in the world” James when it is in fact a team sport they are playing. Same goes for some of the ego’s that Chip Kelly has been discarding over the last two years.

Hi Drew, were Maclin or Mccoy ego’s though? Or just good players? It seems to me the person with the ego is Chip but then i’m looking from afar and without full info.

Not sure about Maclin. I think he just wanted to get paid. Same as Evan
Mathis. That in itself is a form of ego. Everybody wants to get paid like a
superstar the moment they have a good season. Will be interesting to see
whether Byron Maxwell can live up to the money Philly is going to pay him
or whether he was just a product of the Seattle system.
McCoy and DeSean Jackson both rubbed Kelly the wrong way. It’s not up to
the players to tell the coach how things should be done. Defeats the
purpose behind coaching.

Fair shout Drew, I appreciate your point, I still don’t like him but I do see your point.

While its not a huge club on this forum the club within the NFL is growing. Boykin, the next player to be sent on his way who speaks out about Kelly, there is a trend here and a trend that has seen v little reply.

Hoping for 200 yrds and 2 TD’s for Shady today :laughing:

I to put him in my weekly line-ups as I think he has a Chip on his shoulder (no pun intended) and will go off given the chance in this game.

It had to happen… When you look at all the moves/decisions and outcry’s from his tenure its hard to make any sense of it. It would all be just fine had he a smidgen of character… but alas not…

bloody hell hes a niner


Its as if ownership are trying to destroy their own product. I get that the whole triple action thing could work really well with Kap but its the man management that’s the big concern.

Good luck Mary

Sorry Mary this might work but I’m not a fan of his work

For what it’s worth, the reports are that Kelly will not have control over personnel

Even if that were true I’m not sure the Niners are even going to keep Kap - he’s been loyal but they treated him like shite imho.