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The home ASHES 2015 - Fantasy International Test Cricket - England‏ v Australia‏

Hey - do you like cricket?

Anyone who knows me well knows I love it - & the Ashes is possibly the pinnacle for an English cricket fan such as myself. I also love fantasy sports games and a punt so it’s just a natural thing I wish to be in a money league for this competition. I do favour the Telegraph for my fantasy games but alas they have not launched a fantasy game on the forth coming Ashes series and with less than a week to go before the first test starts it is clear they have no intention of doing so. So this means switching to my now usual back up choice of cricketweb.net’s game.

So for those of you like me that love cricket, fantasy sports games and a wee wager please read on.

I have created a private Super League that I am making £10 to enter a team into.

There are 3 prizes for the eventual top 3 finishers in my private league that will be paid out as follows:

1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10%

The reason I have used percentages is because I do not know how many teams I will get in my league but the more the merrier - all are welcome - so please tell your friends and family - forward them a link to this thread - anyone you think may be interested in taking part, help me make this a great private money league.

[ www.cricketweb.net/fantasycricket ]

My leagues name is: BLM ASHES 2015
The leagues user code is: 1435461584

To help you along there’s a few things for you to know:

◦To join this user created league you must first have a team created in the England vs Australia Tests competition, as you won’t be creating a new team for this Private league.

◦Once you have entered your team into the above competition, go to the ‘User Comp. - Join’ page in the logged in area and enter the user code above. This will add you to BLM ASHES 2015.

◦IMPORTANT - If you are a brand new user to Cricket Web’s Fantasy Cricket, to participate in the Private league above you need to make sure that you submit a team to the same global competition as stated above in the first bullet point. You can enter as many user leagues as you like, but to join this league you must be apart of the England vs Australia Tests global competition.

◦To view your position within this league you can do at any time by logging onto your ‘Main Menu’ and clicking BLM ASHES 2015 under the heading User Competitions You Have Joined.

If you have any queries around the competition or any aspect of Cricket Web’s Fantasy Cricket please feel free to contact a member of the Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket team at fantasycricket@cricketweb.net or post a message in the official discussion forum - http://forum.cricketweb.net/forumdisplay.php?f=66.

If you do decide to enter a team into my private money league then please pay me no later than the end of the first test but preferably before. Please pay me your entry fee by Pay Pal (usual e-mail addy - if you don’t know it contact me for it) or you can pay me in cash (if your someone that sees me in person). If sending by Pay Pal please make sure to select your sending money to a friend to avoid them taking out fees (which I will have to then chase you to recoup). However if you do not see me in person and don’t use PayPal then sending me a cheque is acceptable (but my least preferred option - again contact me for my address if you don’t know it).

Best of luck,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

PS - First Test starts - Starts 8 July 2015

P(2) Anyone who has not paid entry fee by the end of the first test will be removed from the league and on a years ban from all money games I run.

There’s still time to get in on this - 1st test starts this coming Wednesday (8th July).

Should be a classic…

hi i joined, im from australia, but paypal says its only free if i send money within australia ? so if you know what the fees are and what the exchange rate for 10 pounds in australian currency i will send enough to cover the rate exchange and the fees, cheers from dale.

i have the exchange rate for 10 pounds it is $20.71 aussie. just need to know what paypals fee would be and i will send that also.

on paypal it says fee is 4% of the exchange rate, so if i am correct thats about $1.50 fee for me sending $20.71 ???

I am sorry mate I have no idea not sent money overseas using PayPal but I do know when Americans have sent me funds in GBP they said it gives them the option to pay the fees and says what it will be before they confirm or they can say take it out the funds being sent (not good for entry fees as I need full amount to pay out prizes).

I guess PayPal has to make money some ways so charging businesses and overseas transactions I guess is their way - if you think your like to do more games of mine going forward I think Pay Pal lets you open a/c’s in other currencies so not sure if that gets around fees as you say put $100 Auzzie dollars in and get charged the rate to change that into GBP but then as you have that balance in GBP you can use for free to pay in GBP - don’t quote me but has to be worth contacting PayPal Australia and just say you have a friend in UK you want send regular small funds to and is there a way to have a separate GBP a/c - that way when you win games I can Pay you in GBP to - other wise your lose some prize money as PP will take fees out of the winnings I send you when converting back to your Auzzie dollar.

The world is defo getting smaller and thanks to the internet has opened up people from other countries being able to do my money games - I have had guys from both Republic of Ireland and Switzerland play before but they took the option of getting GBP in banks and sending by post - I said that was at there own risk but luckily always got it.

ok i will try and send payment and fee, just need your email now.

LAST CALL PEOPLES - FIRST TEST STARTS TOMMORROW AT 11am UK TIME - if your teams not in by then it’s to late.


hi noel, i sent it, seems to have worked, the fee was only minimal, the only big diffrence is our exchange rate between our countrys lol its half, i sent 22 dollars. but if i manage to win anything then when that money comes back i get double so all good, touch wood hehe. and getting back to your question about how did i find you and your comp, everytime something big is on sport wise i google it and yours came up. i like to enter all sports events. by the way im aussie but i will be hping the english win, i hate the aussie cricketers, well most, some are ok. aussie bowlers love to torment batsman but when they get it dished back they cant take it. but have to admit steve smith has to be one of the best batsman in the world at present, he is going to be hard to stop, i see double centuries from him.

Nice - yep I got the right amount this end £10 GBP - so alas if you win I will send it to you in GBP so you know you got it all and then down to what PayPal will nick off ya fees wise for converting back to Aus dollars.

Amazing how you found TFP as it’s forum set up by Brits but mainly for fans of US sports based in Europe (mostly UK and Ireland). I only really like NFL out of the US sports and most of the fans who helped start this site off are all NFL fans - the fan base is really growing here. My home sports loves are Football, cricket and Rugby Union in that order - the later I only really follow on the International level - don’t follow any teams or anything domestically - it’s more a northern sport domestically and especially Rugby League (which I don’t follow at all domestically or internationally). The other 2 sports I do though and in football my home team is Crystal Palace and my cricket team is Surrey (who’s home ground the Oval is where the last test is at). I have never been to an Ashes test - I thought about it but sport is so costly in the UK and the cheapest ticket to 1 day of the Ashes here was about £90 so you saying that’s double your money so the worst ticket would be $180 Aussie Dollars that’s before any travel to ground, over priced beer and food etc. So alas will watch on internet at weekends if in the mood and listen on the radio while at work.

Can’t wait to be honest - wish I could of got a few more for the league - just re-sent out an e-mail to everyone in my fantasy mailing list that I think likes cricket - may get me 1 or 2 more.

Lastly would you like to be added to my games mailing list - if so just give me your e-mail address - all that means is every time I have a game launching your get an e-mail about it… if you wanna do it follow instructions - if not delete it - that’s it. I have been running small stakes fantasy games / leagues on sports I like for over a decade now and just lately started to do bigger stakes competitions - the main sports I do things on are NFL, International Rugby Union tournaments - 6 Nations and World Cups, Football, Formula 1, Cycle Racing Grand Tours (Tour de France, Giro da Italia, Vuelta a España) and cricket. Am sure there’s others but them the main ones that come to mind.

All the best,


yeah sure thing, im keen to go in most things, email > dale_elleray@yahoo.com.au im really into NFL i do about 20 cash drafts every year on ‘‘real time fantasy’’. would love to join a group in a live draft here. not too long before thats starts either.

Sounds like your in enough NFL cash leagues but in case your not and incase you didn’t see this thread thought I’d give you a heads up:

TFP AUCTION DRAFT - online £50 Money League

Just to confirm what people bagged in this event:

1st - 60% = £48 Starc choice - Andy Smith - 7019
2nd - 30% = £24 Welsh Dragons - Phil Pearson - 6691
3rd - 10% = £8 - DK 11 - David Khan - 6672

:eyes: Shame you didn’t see the TFP £50 auction draft we all did on here - guess your not frequenting TFP often enough to see things in time.