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The Fan Pubcast thoughts

Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and mentioned to Noel once briefly, is the idea of doing a Fan Pub podcast (either just audio or filmed). I know Noel’s fairly into the idea of talking for ages about NFL (and a few of us here have participated in various podcasts like the Zone Coverage call-in show).

So, just pushing out the idea to see what people think. It could either be done over Skype with a select bunch of people each week-ish, or actually get a bunch of us together in a pub once a week/fortnight/month and film it, but that might be asking for too much coordination.

Happy to be involved in that fella

I love the idea and up 100% for either option - if doing the filming one you could share it about - like you be the ever present anchor but others rotate - that way people can fit it in to there schedules and plan ahead for attending wherever you plan to host it.

Be great if this gets off the ground this off season so can plug my yet to fully fill IDP/Keeper ‘live draft NFL league’.

But great idea and keen to see it come off - however I do like the zone coverage show and though I have not tuned in as doing other things think he (Mark Teece) has shows going all off season - I may have to go listen to some on podcasts.

We should see if the Zone Coverage guy wants to get on here or use this site as a forum for his readers too, could be something we could get behind too rather than just starting our own thing. I’ve listened to a couple of episodes (where you called in!) and it was pretty decent, though definitely a different dynamic to some other podcasts (has that call in radio feel whereas some other podcasts like Americarnage have a regular bunch of hosts with their own rapport).

Noel - I think you should get hold of Mark Teece regardless. There is limited material to fill his show in the off season (though Matt Philipps is doing a sterling job with pre-draft news) - so if you wanted to talk about last years competition and do a preview for this year’s, I think he’d be delighted. He has some guys from Dundee NFL’s fantasy podcast on occasionally too, so they might be worth having a word with

As Sean’s doing a really good job with his fantasy football videos… maybe we’re not a million miles from being able to do a Fan Pubcast video show, like a monthly or something thing where a bunch of us just gather in a pub during the NFL season, and film it as we talk about the fantasy season (then figure out how to edit it to not appear totally amateur :smiley: ).

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I like that idea fella and am up for it :smiley:

Still up for that…

I’m up for that and think it’s a great idea

Sounds like a plan and I love to talk! :sunglasses:

One interesting discussion feature, the groups picks, success and failures in the pick 5 tournie.