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The Draft @ The Hipp

So I called around a few venues in the hope that we might have a new option for the draft. The only one that seems to be showing it is the Hipp. Today they confirmed that it shall be played live on their lounge screens and will use as many screens as there is demand for. They are apparently unsure about using the theatre and as we all know the lounge screens are generally a first come first seated basis and seating at times can be crap in the lounges. That said I dont suppose there will be huge demand for seats to watch the draft and its always good to get together for it. Anybody interested??

Just gauging interest at this point

I’m always up for a meetup!

I wont be able to make it Gordon, will definitely have to be at work the Friday following the draft, so may have to settle for watching the first few picks at home then going to bed :sleeping:

Simon - Nice one fella

Jon - Ok dude understood, no problems


I have given it some thought and as you know my preference is always to get a group of people together however interest seems low and with the Hipp unsure about opening the theatre it means we would be likely facing a night in the lounges. In theory this is fine but the lounges are not ideal, the sound is poor and it can be busy with people simply not interested in the same thing. I also have a 0915 Dr appointment on the Friday and some furniture being delivered at an unspecified time , again on Friday. All in all I think I’m going to have a quiet one and skip London this time. Maybe next year, all things being well I might host again as the venues are extremely limited still.

Myself and Anders are due another pool night soon so will give you a shout when that takes place if your still interested.


no worries dude