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The Dark Side of Gambling

I don’t want to spoil peoples fun but I do think the UK Gov is in the pockets of the Gambling industry whether it’s the tax they get from such or direct contributions to politicians and political parties coffers that lead to the relaxing of laws etc.

I myself know first hand how addictive it can be - I do know the compulsion to chase and despite knowing live casino games and slots are in the houses favour I have found the devil’s game (Roulette) to be oh so addictive once I tried it and have wiped out several times since - yet still sooner or later find myself going back.

I think it would be good to have a resource thread sharing videos (as I come across some I find hella interesting when looking for information on various aspects of gambling regulation / who to complain to and what’s not legit.).

It’s lead me to believe the Government really is not your friend or protector when it comes to either being a savvy punter (can’t get a bet on) or problem gambler with an addiction.

Had sports books not also had casino and arcade arms that they constantly advertise to you while on their sports arms I can honestly say I never would have ventured into either. Apart from poker I never had an interest in such - as I see first hand growing up how addicted my younger brother was to pub fruit machines.

But only by being restricted more and more from sports betting by the bookies and being hit constantly with offers to try the live casinos did I eventually find my way into them.

Then this is where you find all the words and advertising about gamble responsibly and when the fun stops stop is nothing but lip service to look good to the masses. When infact is complete bullshit as each and every online casino run by whoever has these wagering requirements that make you gamble relentlessly to try and clear the 25x, 30x or 50x wagering requirements attached to the so called free money (bonus funds) they gave you or they take back ya bonus + any winnings - not only that you have such little time to do this in - 3 days or if ya lucky 7 days. Furthermore in some smallprint hidden away in the bonus T&C’s they will say games like Roulette will only count (for waging requirment purposes) at 5% in the £/$/€ - so it’s almost impossible to be left with anything once you do that - so in effect these firms win all ends up. You lose ya money they win, you win they take it back under these shady T&C’s. Without a doubt there own T&C’s create compulsive gamblers from normal gamblers right off the bat. It’s like throwing petrol on a fire.

Then where does the Government come in - The Gambling Commision - who always say that’s not their remit to look at shady T&C’s or get involved in disputes - they enforce nothing and pass the buck. God knows what there remit actually is?

Then there’s the media - apart from the BBC the other channels and written press rely too much on the Gambling industries Advertising to ever really highlight the woes or do articles against such practices. It would be like biting the hand that feeds… so the industry is left unchecked.

So in future posts on this thread I will when I find any video links I find interesting share them - whether it’s about the shady practices of bookies restricting winners accounts and or those that do to many offers as well as the damage compulsive gambling addictions have on families and the wider community and what help (if any) is out there.

I may intime share my own stories - as I am not sure where I fall in the spectrum of gamblers.

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Fixed odds betting terminals & the BBC

If you didn’t watch a BBC series called ‘Broken’ the following clip is one powerful part of it. Brilliant writing and acting.

(I’d never heard of it until just now seeing this on Justiceforpunters.org but will seek the full series out now - bound to be on YouTube or the like).

Never forget; whilst people are given the chance to lose everything, if this lady had been a good sports punter she would have been banned from betting online and in shop. It’s an utter disgrace what the UK government and regulators are allowing.

Noel, A bit of advice.

Don’t bet on any of the following & you’ll be okay.

  1. Anything electronic with flashing lights.
  2. Anything online that mimics something electronic with flashing lights.
  3. Anything with 4 legs.
  4. Anything with 2 legs.
  5. Anything with that involves cards, dice or numbers.
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Not really sports gambling but wanted to vent as still mad with myself almost a week on.

I wish the sports books were made to keep there arcade and casino arms separate. Always advertising them flashing up offers - texts / e-mails and worse offers in ya face when on the sports arms. This caused me in the end to try them out I dunno when several months ago. First blackjack then some spin thing and finally the devils game - Roulette.

I found it highly addictive think the serotim rush when you get a win or even the near miss kept me going I found I played for hours at first small stakes but then I hate losing and writing of losses go I guess general compulsive behaviour tried the Martingale system (without knowing it was called that) just decided if I doubled up on the even shots until I won be back to even plus a profit of +1. Did Not factor in running out of funds first or table limits stopping that system dead. Since the summer I guess I have wiped out 3 times betting on colours and doubling up till win and damaged my bank roll at a 4th sportsbook on a new outside bet strategy - first I lost all my Golf profit at B’win back in the summer after the open. That was about £550 - £600 when you include my own money I had in that books balance also.

You think I’d learn my lesson but then in the months since I had a little go on William Hills - wiped out there which was a sum of about £270.

Then Betfair - £280 odd.

And then after watching several Youtube videos of late on Roulette that I kind of liked sound of and wanted to try out lost another £147 this week and decided to quit before wiping out completely at SkyBet as had £800 in that a/c before having a go Monday at the following strategy and every single spin it went on the 3rd Column when I’d bet the first 2- I swear something not kosher… any way I am trying to tell myself to let it go / draw a line under the 1.5K-2K I estimate have I lost (as there’s been other smaller losing sessions) and stick to sports betting.

So if any of you out there (I see your successful posts) have any feelings for long odds special bets on NFL like I see some of you have posted after the fact, and or accas or long odds horses please do drop me a PM with a heads up as I could certainly do with repairing my balance sheet and much prefer small stakes big odds bets on sportsbooks over these games of chance in the casinos and arcades. Your be doing me a favour helping me better smarter on more realistic things than chasing my losses when i feel the urge or down.

Now my experience is don’t listen to these videos (they don’t work - well it didn’t for me):