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Guys, Gals & Inbetweener’s…

As previously mentioned in the discord channel Dean has not only arranged his working week around visiting the Curve on our behalf but he is now finding that the only slot available to review the Curve is prime time tomorrow night!! This is well out of his way and as a direct result he shall have to forego the broadcasting of BOTH Hollyoaks and Emerdale until a later time :rolling_eyes:

Seriously, a big virtual pat on the back dude.

Dean has requested that between now and his visit to the venue tomorrow night we list any questions we have about the venue itself etc. If we list the questions here Dean will review them and do his best to obtain an answer tomorrow night, therefore please feel free to leave your questions about the venue in this thread for his perusal (CV word).

Thanks all!


  1. Is there enough good seating in the cinema studio for 15 ticket holders without fans having a disaster viewing angle and without fans having to share or swap seats?

  2. There is a window ledge with some form of seating along the back of the cinema studio, is this usable for any length of time?

  3. Is there suitable TV’s and seating to support fans enjoying the game together both inside and outside the cinema? (With a view to making the event cheaper by going from 15 fans to 22/24)

Thanks fella

I think the seating question is key. If the “window ledge” is part of the 15 seats may get uncomfortable. Would be great if we could up the number and make it cheaper too.

4 . Is there sufficient parking for 15+ people potentially in many different cars.

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Just got back from the Curve.

  1. Loads of space, comfortable seats with small tables intermittent for drinks. Good views from all angles.

  2. Window ledge is a lean on type only - okay for short stints but not ideal

3).Yes a 55" HD TV will be available and the cinema opens up to include the lounge area, this benefit from the Cinema’s sound

4). Yes probably more but would mean blocking in.

5 On a level of 1-10 how swanky is it?

not as swanky as the brochure but it’s a classy place no doubt

How many ladies can I fit into the jaccuzzi with me?

Hi All

As well as the positive notes Dean listed there were also some concerns raised. He found that the venue was more than just remote, it was very remote!! We also discussed how the single track country roads in the area may be an issue if in the heart of winter there was snow or other bad weather, potentially leaving us without a SB booking to rely on. It was also chatted that while the place was impressive in parts there was a little wiggle room for dissatisfaction given the price & journey.

We have discussed this and still like the venue but not so much as a primary target. We like it more as a fall back option, albeit an expensive one. I appreciate this now sounds like turning full circle but a few weeks ago we had no plan to visit the gaff, only when it was lightly brought up in discussion Dean kindly volunteered to check it out and it’s been very useful. I just feel that and I think Dean agrees that at the price + journey it should be perfect.

With that in mind and unless anybody has anything to add to the decision I shall return all deposits and start looking for alternative venues. Given the start of the season we should soon see venues begin to market the evening so on the plus side some nice options might turn up. As discussed with Dean the most preferred option at this time (given the house has some doubt hanging over it) will be to locate a SB hosting venue that offers a decent VIP section so that we can have the best of both worlds, our own gang together with all the facilities we crave as well as the atmosphere of a well-run larger party.

I truly apologise for appearing to do a 360 on you all, I and I think we all just want the best we can get for the night!
Thank you for your comments and suggestions and understanding.


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I think that’s a fair assessment and I hope it hasn’t burst anyone’s bubble. I’m sure we’ll get something sorted - The Curve is amazing but first week in February it could be a stressful stretch rather than the celebration we’re all planning.